Mexican All Stars win over Jakeventus

Team International present in both Teams

Great game between Mexican All Stars and Jakeventus at Saturday’s 11-a-side soccer game at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. The Mexican Team captained by Hazael, are friends that know each other from colleague and where happy to reunite for a competitive game against Jakeventus. The international team from Jakeventus incorporated 5 new players into their 11-a-side squat: Evan, Alberto, Fer, Oster & Selim. The Mexican All Stars had 8 players that are also part of Team International: Banano, Layún aka Wen, Hazael (Mamey/Mamado), Cesar, Arturo, Elias, Rorro and Luis. The game started punctually at 6pm and was played under best weather conditions. The sun was shining throughout the whole game. Fotographer Fabi took advantage of that by coming up with amazing pictures of the game (see below).

Mexican All Stars


Pablo – Layún – Piojo – Orly

Rorro – Dani – Mamey (C)  – Luis

Negro – Elias

(Subs: Arturo & Cesar)


Evan (CA)

Manni (IN) – Hector (SV) – Kim (GER) – Alberto (MEX)

Fer (MEX) – Oster (MEX) – Pablo (FRA) – Bhupi (KEN)

Jake (C) (ENG) – Selim (FRA)  

(Subs: Ruben-Rubinski (MEX) & Israel (MEX))


Mexican All Stars smarter in the first Half

From the beginning it was clear that it would be a difficult game for both teams. Team Jakeventus was confident to win this game after having won the game before against the prestigious team from Uber. The Mexican All Stars also knew that they had a strong team that knows how to pass the ball around.

While both teams started a bit nervous, Mexican All Stars step by step started to control the game. Jakeventus’ game was too one sided, always trying to use the right wing and therefore leaving the left wing with Kenyan offensive player Bhupi unnoticed. Keeper Evan tried to organize the team from behind but the Mexicans made it very difficult to strike forward. Something they managed to do around 20 minutes into the game. One of the many attacks from their strong right side was successful when right back Pablo headed a center into the goal, 1:0!

Instead of focusing on the defense the Mexican All Stars continued to push forward and succeded to score another goal when Pablo made a run on the right side, passing the ball into the middle to team mate Hazael who took a strong shot to put the ball into the net, 2:0! Keeper Evan had no chance to save it.

Jakeventus comes out strong

After a heated discussion during half time Jakeventus entered the field to start the second half more determined. Several things where discussed that did not work out well in the first half. The team decided to focus on playing simple passes to each other and support each other. The distances from one player to the other where to big in the first half. Striker Selim changed position with midfielder Oster, and Ruben and Israel came in for Alberto and Fer to bring in some more energy.

Now Jakeventus managed to create some chances once in a while. But Mexican All Stars also continued to be dangerous in their counter attacks. There could have been several goals on both sides. The man who managed to score was captain Jake, when he got a generous offer from the defence of the team passing the ball unexpectedly into his feat. Jake knew exactly what he had to do. Goalkeeper Banano came out to try to stop the British man but Jake ran around Banano and finished the ball from around 20 meters into the empty goal. After that Jakeventus got some more hope to at least tie the game but there was not enough time left. The Mexican All Stars played it very clever, passing the ball around using the whole width of the pitch so that Jakeventus had a hard time conquering the ball. At the end it was a deserved victory for the Mexican All Stars in a competitive but always fair game. The revenge game will take place in about 2 to 3 weeks at the same sport center.

Game Stats

Mexican All Stars – Jakeventus: 2:1

Goals: Pablo (1:0), Hazael (2:0), Jake (2:1)

MVP: Pablo & Kim

Highlights of the Game



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