Mexican All Stars victorious in Return Game

Mexican All Stars victorious in Return Game

Finally, the great game took place between the international team of Jakeventus FC and the Mexican All Star team of Captain Hazael.

Since the first game between the high profile teams that took place on July 21stof this year, both team players were anxious to play the return game.

This past Saturday, November 10ththe players of Jakeventus and Mexican All Stars entered the glorious pitch at Benito Juarez Stadium. Jakeventus played in black and Mexican All Stars in white.

Both Teams relied on a 4-4-2 Formation

Both teams made some changes in their lineup compared to the first game. Mexican All Stars substituted players in the midfield, while Jakeventus had to substitute some established players with new players on the wings. Also, Canadian keeper Evan, who was on a trip in Italy, got replaced by Jakeventus winger Jake, a move with tremendous impact…


Jakeventus FC

Jake (ENG) (keeper) (C)

Manni (IN) – Hector (SV) – Moctezuma (FR) – Andrew (US)

Mike (MX) – Kim (GER) – Pierre (FR) – Andrej (BRA)

Mathieu (FR) – Alex (ESP)


Elias – Rompi

Roro – Lara – Ivan – Arturo

Hazael – Wen – Nicho – Orlando

Pablo (keeper)

Mexican All Stars


Hectic Start of both Teams

Both teams couldn’t wait for the whistle blow to start the game. The first 10 minutes however were dominated by nervous actions of both teams. The ball was conquered and lost again very quickly. Jakeventus managed to create some quick initial chances though.

After the beginning phase, Mexican All Stars structured their game better and managed to pass the ball within their own rows efficiently. Jakeventus had problems establishing a smooth game play from behind. Their actions continued to be unstructured and hectic.

All Stars with 3 quick Goals

Consequently, Mexican All Stars scored 3 goals in the second part of the first half. Left winger Roro opened the score sheet with a shot from distance by surprising English keeper Jake (see video). The second goal was scored by central midfielder Lara, who got the ball also from around 20 minutes and fired it up directly into the net.

Jakeventus was shocked at this stage. Without confidence in their actions and ideas that could improve the situation, they were helpless. The Mexican team noticed it and kept on pressing for the third gol. A counter attack initiated by Arturo was finished brilliantly by Roro for the 3:0 half time result. Defender Hector and Pablo, who played for the first time together, had some initial difficulties adapting to the new situation for them. The Mexicans surely knew how to take advantage of it. Especially striker Elias always new how to create holes into the defence of Jakeventus with his intelligent runs.

Jakeventus more aggressive in second Half

During the half time, Jakeventus sat down together and discussed what went wrong and what had to be done to turn this game around. One of the important points was having more confidence in their own actions and not loosing the ball that quickly by focusing on passing the the next available player.

The international team started good into the second half. It was clear that the players from France, Brazil, England, Germany, India, El Salvador, USA, Spain and Mexico would do everything to come back into the game. The defence stood stronger now and more organized. The wingers were found deep into the half of Mexican All Stars. But the Mexican team also was prepared for such an offensive strategy. Defender Nacho and Wen organized their team well to not run into too many offensive attacks.

Spanish Striker brings Jakeventus back into the Game

It was Spanish striker Alex who scored the 3:1 10 minutes into the second half. Hopes came up for Jakeventus and additional power reserves got opened for the players. But it was not enough to score additional goals. Once again the Mexican All Star team of striker Elias was too clever for Jakeventus.

Congratulations to such a robust Mexican team. Once again they deserved the victory. One thing that we would like to mention at this point is that both teams played extremely fair. The referee did not have to interfere much.

Once is for sure, the next game between the two teams will not wait for too long!

— Game Highlights —

— Bonus Material —

We had an unfortunate incident after the game. Unfortunately someone took the belongings of French striker Mathieu while the teams were playing the game. Thanks to the technology we were able to track the iPhone of Mathieu. Several players from both teams did not hesitate long to follow Mathieu on the hunt of the “ladron”. The signal sent the players to various locations a few blocks away from the pitch. At some point the signal stayed stable, but at a location where the players did not have any access to. Till now the belongings are still to be encountered. We hope our fine frenchman, who showed a fantastic performance on the pitch, gets at least his official documents back!


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