Mexicans with Hattrick

Mexicans with a Hattrick – 3 consecutive wins in a row!

Team Mexico wins for the third time in a row against team Internacionalitos at the weekly 11 a side games at Benito Juarez Stadium. This time, the local players received some valuable help from 4 players from a team that played the game before to complement the team. The core of the international team this time were the 5 Venezuelan players, accounting for about 50% of the team. While last week the Venezuelan players made the difference for the Mexican team (helping them out to get a full squad), this time their influence was not as decisive: 


Subs: Rubinski (MX)

Carlos (VEN) (gk)

Emil (VEN) – Manni (IN) – Kim (GER) – Tomo (JAP)

Raymond (VEN) – Fumi (JAP) – Daniel (ARG) – Reforcement

Alain (VEN) – Ferro (VEN)

Cesar – Reforcement

Ricardo – Rodrigo – Reforcement – Alfredo 

Reforcement – Leo – Bruno – Angel

Reforcement (gk)


1sthalf – Mexicans go in front

The first and only goal of the first half was scored by the Mexicans. After a corner kick Venezuelan goalkeeper Carlos was not able to fully control the ball in his hands. He dropped the ball and one of the Mexican reforcement players was quick in heading the ball into the goal, 0:1.

2ndhalf – Internacionalitos with full offensive power

Even though Internacionalitos played most of the second half with only 10 players, they managed to get control over the game, trying to create as many chances as possible. Due to the well organized defense of the Mexicans, it was however a tremendous task for the Internationals to create chances.

In one of the counter attacks, the Mexicans then scored the second goal by Ricardo (second goal in a row for the Mexican). He received a ball inside the box from the right side. He took a direct shot from the perfectly timed cross. Keeper Carlos had no chance to make a save, 0:2. 

8 minutes before the game finished, Argentinian Daniel made a brilliant pass from the left side over the Mexican defense to Venezuelan striker Alain. The tall player received the ball, made a few steps towards the Mexican goalkeeper and finished it fantastically, 1:2. That was the final result, leaving the Mexicans with the third consecutive victory over Internacionalitos.

Game Stats

Internacionalitos – Mexicanos 1:2

Goals: Reforcement player (0:1), Ricardo (0:2), Alain (1:2)

What else?

We will take a 2 week break from the 11 a side games, switching to 5 a side games for the time being on Saturdays in La Roma.

This upcoming Sunday is the Copa de Naciones at Polideportivo los Culhuacanes. Everyone is welcome to come and cheer up for the players from different nationalities such as Japan, France, Venezuela, Brasil, Mexico and Rest of the World.


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