Japan challenges Team International

Another Challenge for Team International – Japanese team supported my Mexican-German strikers

This game was requested by Japanese striker and captain Fumi long back to play against team Rest of the World (ROW). His wish was fulfilled and match was set this past Saturday. The Japanese team was missing some key players owing to vacation time, so they were supported by other members who couldn’t sign up for ROW which was a good thing making us an inclusive community.


Subs: Mauricio (MX)

Portero: Manuel (MX) 

Alberto (MX) – Miya (JAP) – Jori (JAP) – Tomo (JAP)

Ishiyama (JAP) – Fumi (JAP) – Markus (GER) – Antony (ENG)

Elias (MX) – Ogu (JAP)

Ferro (VEN) – Greg (FR)

Arturo (MX) – Pablo (FR) – Nico (FR) – Hazael (MX)

Andre (BRA) – Hector (SV) – Wen (MX) – Manni (MX)

Portero: Banano (MX)

Subs: Mark (US), Mathieu (FR)

Rest of the World

First half: Mexican Arturo very active on left side

The first half was more about ROW as going by records, supported by Ferro and Greg as strikers and Pablo, Nico, Hazael and Arturo in midfield. In defense Wen and Hector played as central defenders, and Manni (captain) and Andre as wing backs. ROW created many chances in the first half, especially Mexican Arturo making runs along the left side and putting in crosses for strikers. ROW started to get consistent in their attack and fruit of that was a promising move started on the right by Pablo and Hazael and Ferro missed the back of the net by inches. Most of the attacks concentrated on the left for both teams but that final touch never came. Fumi combined with Elias to push the attack of the Japanese team and the result was a good ball into the box which was hastily cleared by Wen. Shortly after, there was another attack from the right with a through pass by Markus to his Japanese team striker, which was eventually blocked by Wen and Hector. 

Venezuelan Ferro opens up score line with his second consecutive goal

With ten minutes to go, Arturo made a fast run along the wing and made a good cross finding Ferro in the box, who quickly turned around to draw the first blood, ROW leading 1-0. This boosted the confidence and ROW was coming with waves of attack. The first corner of ROW was put in by Manni and found Greg unmarked who put in the power but not enough direction to score the goal. That’s it for first half.

Second half: Brazilian Andre and German Markus score goals for their teams

Second half started with substitutions and changes in strategy; French Mathieu came in for not less French Nico for team ROW. The Japanese team put their German player Markus as a striker. The game was going on well with both teams pushing up for goals. Then ROW made two quick changes on the right side with Hazael going out for Andre and Manni going out for Mark. This pushed Nico back to left back and Andre on right wing. This change confused the existing structure of ROW, which the Japanese team took advantage of by creating attacks from the right with Markus almost scoring when hitting the goal post. But then, ROW doubled their lead with the first goal for Brazilian Andre in his 8th appearance. He got a deflected ball and put it in the net like only El Fenómeno knew how to do it. Arturo went out to bring back in Manni as left back. Within 10  minutes, US-boy Mark got substituted due to an injury. This change proved to be dangerous and the Japanese team pulled one back with a goal by Markus who made a brilliant run and finished it elegantly. The Japanese team pushed on to get an equalizer but the time ran out and the game finished with 2-1. The good thing about the game was that there were very few fouls and always fair play. This is how we do it. 


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