Fut11: Rest of the World vs Mexico

Rest of the World overruns Mexico in first Half

This past Saturday another 11-a-side casual soccer game took place at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. The group consisting of 26 players was divided into a Mexican team and an international team with players from France (6), Canada (2), India (1), Germany (1), Venezuela (1) and England (1). We were happy to welcome 5 new players to our casual soccer games. Terence, William, Santiago and Matthieu did a fantastic job for team Rest of the World. Alejandro was a key contributor in the defense of the Mexican team.

Rest of the World on Fire

Due to its impressive attacking power, Rest of the World decided to switch from their usual 4-4-2 system into a 4-3-3 system. That way the strikers Pierre, Selim and Jake would have more impact on the game. Team Mexico relied on their 4-4-2 system with Elias and Hector playing up front. Canadian player Troy was the goalkeeper for Rest of the World, while Mexico had to sign an outside goalkeeper right before the game started because keeper Banano did not show up.

Lineup: Mexico


Rubén – Layun – Piojo – Hazael

Rorro – Oster – Héctor – Beto

Elias – Hector

Subs: Luis & César

Lineup: Rest of the World

Troy (CA)

Rob (CA) – Santiago (VE) – Will (FR) – Terence (FR)

Pablo (FR) – Kim (GER) – Matthieu (FR)

Pierre (FR) – Selim (FR) – Jake (ENG)

Subs: Manni

From the first minute on team Rest of the World played an attacking football. Something team Mexico was not prepared for yet. Both teams were constructed with mostly people that did not play together before. Team Mexico had problems with that in the beginning. Soon the first two goals were scored by Kim (GER) and Selim (FR). Kim luckily got the ball into his feet when Pablo put the ball from the left side into the box. It was an easy goal. Selim, the Benzema of the team, made a good run on the right side and finished like Benzema in his best Lyon times from a sharp angle. After the 2:0 ROW continued to push forward. Especially the right side with Manni and Pierre was very effective. Many attacks started from that side. One of them was finished by newcomer Matthieu. Then it was time for Manni to step up. The Indian right back got the ball around 30 meters before the goal and thought why not as well try it. His shot landed right in the upper left corner of the goal. He was surprised himself for a few seconds scoring the goal of the day. Before the half time whistle Matthieu scored the fifth goal for ROW after a great combination of the team.

Mexico recover their playing Style in the second Half

In the second game a completely different picture was seen. Team Mexico was now much more decisive in their actions. The ball was passed around quickly and once ROW had the ball players were put under pressure quickly. It was Salvadorian Hector Pereira (he helped out team Mexico) who scored a goal right in the beginning of the second half. The team decided to push him up into the midfield, something he knew how to make use of. New hopes came up for team Mexico to at least not loose the game. The game started to be very quick and competitive with ROW having trouble to cope with the game of team Mexico. Striker Hector Andrés scored another goal for team Mexico, almost imitating the goal of Manni: 5:2. But the final word had newcomer Matthieu who scored a perfectly assisted goal by Pierre, in his second attempt (see video below) and made his HATTRICK complete.

French attacking player Pierre was voted MVP of the game due to his athletic playing style always creating chances from the right side. Congratulations Pierre once again!

Game Stats

Goals: Kim (1:0), Selim (2:0), Matthieu (3:0), Manni (4:0), Matthieu (5:0), Hector P. (5:1), Hector Andrés (5:2), Matthieu (6:2)

MVP: Pierre

Highlights of the Game


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