Josh’ two goals decide the game

It was an interesting game in the 14thencounter between Internacionalitos and Mexicanos. Team Mexicanos integrated 4 new players into their team, while Internacionalitos was able to play with their experienced players. Captain Manni from India made sure to have a competitive team this weekend, after having lost 1:2 the week before. He was recruiting his best players throughout the week. The group welcomed the new Mexicans Max, Roberto, Dimitri and Victor to the competitive Saturday 11 a side games:


Subs: Bruno (VEN)

Niko (ARG)

Jens (GER) – Jon (ENG) – Nabil (FR) – Tomo (JAP)

Manni (c) (IN) – Pablo (FR) – Danilo (BRA) – Kim (GER) – Andre (BRA)

Josh (ENG)

Fumi (JAP)

Dimitri – Roberto – Ismael – Ricardo – Max

Angel – Wen (c) – Hazael – Miguel

Mauricio (gk)

Subs: Max (FR), Victor Barroso


1sthalf – Mexicans go in front with their first chance

While Internacionalitos was pressing to score an early goal, it were the Mexicans that managed to do so. The internationals were not able to find the final pass to striker Josh, even though they created a lot of half-chances. The Mexicans did it better. Japanese Fumi helped out the Mexican team. He took responsibility when they got a freekick about 30 meters in front of the goal. His shot got blocked, but newcomer Miguel (he has never played on the 11 a side games before, even though being a constant player at the 7 a side games) was at the right place in the right moment and kicked the ball into the net, 0:1!

Now, Internacionalitos were more decisive. A combination between Brazilian Danilo and German Kim let to the equalizer. The Brazilian took a volley shot that keeper Mauricio couldn’t safe. A bit later, Internacionalitos again came from the strong left side. A cross was controlled by Argentinian Niko who ran into the box. He protected the ball and passed it to Kim, who to a straight shot that luckily landed into the net, 2:1.

2nd half – English’ Josh shows no mercy

For the second half Mexicans played much more offensive. Central defender Wen left his position frequently to help pressure in the offensive game. Internacionalitos mainly concentrated defending, with Jon and Nabil creating a very solid wall, supported by Danilo in front of them.

A long kick from Internacionalitos’ goalkeeper couldn’t be controlled by defender Hazael. English Josh took advantage of it. He reached the ball before goalkeeper Mauricio and elegantly lifted it over the Mexican goalkeeper, 3:1. Minutes later, he left the Mexicans with no hope to win the game when he scored the 4:1 from the right side. He took a shot from a sharp angle, putting the ball right through the legs of Mauricio.

Internacionalitos – Mexicanos 4:1

Goals: Miguel (0:1), Danilo (1:1), Kim (2:1), Josh (3:1), Josh (4:1)

All time stats Internacionalitos vs Mexicanos:

Total Games: 14

Vicotries Internacionalitos: 7

Victories Mexicanos: 4

Ties: 3

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