Internacionalitos with 5th victory over Mexicanos

Internacionalitos with 5th victory over Mexicanos in 10th encounter

In the 10thencounter between Internacionalitos y Mexicanos the international team conquered their 5thvictory. Overall, the Mexicans won 3 times and there were two draws between both teams so far.

The Mexicans received international help from Selim and Max (France), Fumi (Japan) and Mark (US). The internationals had players from the US, Japan, France, India, Kenya, England, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Germany. With Chris from Venezuela, Nabil from France, Kyle from the US and Ricardo from Mexico, 4 new players joined our competitive 11 a side games.


Subs: Jens (GER), Kyle (US), Edward (KEN)

Mike (GK) (US)

Tomo (JAP) – Manni (IN) – Nabil (FR) – Andre (BRA)

Niko (ARG) – Pablo (FR) – Jon (ENG) – Chris (VEN)

Josh (ENG) – Ferro (VEN)

Manu – Javier

Fumi (JAP)

Hazael – Ricardo – Ruben – Max (FR)

Angel – Wen – Mark (US)

Subs: Selim (FR), Ismael (MX)


Niko brings Internacionalitos in front

About 5 minutes into the game, Argentinian Niko scored the first goal of the day. British Josh got the ball on the left wing and put in a brilliant cross. No one was able to block the cross, so that right midfielder Niko was able to push in the ball at the far post, 1:0.

Javier accepts Manni’s present

This quick goal let to a fast game with both teams trying to score quickly. Several duels were holt in the center of the pitch because both teams tried to control the center. In one attack of the Mexicans, Indian defender and captain Manni got the ball. Everything seemed to be under control. The defender was running with the ball towards the own goal but striker Javier was right behind him. When Manni decided to pass to goalkeeper Mike, he brilliantly passed it into the feet of Javier, who had no problems to push the ball into the net from about 5 meter distance to the goal. US-boy Mike was without any chance. Javier anticipated the pass very well, accepting Manni’s present for the 1:1.

Chris and Josh score decisive goals for the victory

Venezuelan newcomer Chris brought Internacionalitos back to their leading position. He received the ball about 35 meter from the goal in the center of the pitch. Goalkeeper Carlos was still a bit out of the goal, which the Venezuelan took advantage of by taking a long shot that Carlos could not reach. A fantastic goal! But the Mexicans came back again. With their “never-giving-up” attitude they pressured for the equalizer. Again, it was a present that let to the equalizer. When french Max took a corner, US goalkeeper Mike was about to save it but the ball ended up slipping through his hands into the goal, 2:2.

The final word of the game had English striker Josh, who scored the winning goal 5 minutes before the game ended. Josh has been scoring in 4 consecutive games now.

Despite or maybe due to the present he provided for the Mexicans, Indian defender Manni was awarded the MVP of the game by the players. Congratulations capitano!

Game stats

Internacionalitos – Mexicanos 3:2

Goals: Niko (1:0), Javier (1:1), Chris (2:1), Mike (OG) (2:2), Josh (3:2)

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