ROW beats Latinos with two goals of Josh

While many players were traveling all around the country for Semana Santa, 24 soccer players from 9 different countries gathered together to play at the traditional Saturday 11 a side game. We were happy to welcome several new guys to the games at Benito Juarez Stadium. Argentinian Niku, Venezuelan Bruno and Mexican goalkeeper Gerry complemented the Latinos. On the other side, Mexican Dani and Maye and Irish Troy supported the Rest of the World team. In general, it was a highly latino-influenced game. Only Josh (England), Theo (France), Troy (Irland), Jens (Germany) and mighty Mike (USA) represented the non-latino part. The new players were integrated very quickly into the teams. Both teams decided to play in a traditional 4-4-2 formation:


Subs: Niku (ARG)

Gerry (GK) (MX) 

Angel (MX) – Manu (MX) – Wen (MX) – Jorge (MX)

Christian (MX) – Oscar (VEN) – Hazael (MX) – Alberto (MX)

Ferro (VEN) – Bruno (VEN)

Josh (ENG) – Maye (MX)

Dani (MX) – Theo (FR) – Bob (MX) – Raymond (VEN)

Troy (IR) – Danilo (BRA) – Jens (GER) – Andre (BRA)

Mike (GK) (US)

Subs: Manni (IN)

Rest of the World

First half: Maye and Josh bring Rest of the World quickly in front

Team Latinos played with the Venezuelan strikers Ferro and Bruno. They were supposed to put into action from midfielders Oscar (the third Venezuelan in the team) and Hazael, who just recovered from a muscle injury. However, Theo and Bob made it very difficult for the opponent’s midfield. On top of that, captain Danilo together with experienced Jens from Germany were a fantastic duo in the defense, not leaving much space for the strikers. Due to the organized play and the secure passing from the defense, ROW were able to create chances from the beginning of the game. Especially Theo was all over the place, helping connect the defense with the offense. Not long into the game, newcomer Maye stole the ball from defender Manu. His shot was saved by also newcomer and keeper Gerry, but Josh was there to put the ball into the net, 1:0.

After that, the game was a little bit more balanced. Team Latinos were able to break through their left side with Alberto ones in a while, without creating very dangerous situations though. The offensive actions of ROW were mainly developed by Raymond from the right side, Theo and Maye.

Second half: Latinos with a wild change in positions

For the second half, Latinos created a some type of confusion tactic. Defender Wen took Hazaels midfielder position, who in turn took Bruno’s striker position. And Bruno took Wen’s position in the defense. A move that was conducted rather to confuse the other team than to actually develop a better game it seemed like. ROW also made a crucial change. Striker Maye, dropped down into the defense midfield to have more control in the midfield, leaving English Josh as the lone striker.

The first minutes belonged to Latinos. They came very fresh and motivated out of the half time. Very quickly, Ferro had the first chance but keeper Mike knew how to protect the goal. Then, the game was more balanced again, with most actions taking place in the midfield. Having Maye in the midfield was very beneficial for ROW. With him, slowly they controlled the game again. Latinos were dangerous with their long balls to strikers Ferro and Hazael. The next big chance was executed by ROW striker Josh. He got the ball on the left side next to the box. The Englishman was able to pass defender Angel and he took a strong shot right away. Keeper Gerry however made a brilliant save and kept his team into the game. A bit later, the next goal was accomplished. Maye concquered the ball on the right side and passed it to Manni. The Indian right back didn’t hesitate long to bring the ball into the box with a fantastic cross. The ball landed directly at Josh, who had no trouble putting the ball into the net, 2:0.

That was the end result since on both sides no more chances were created. Due to their efficient passing, ROW controlled the game until the end. Starting next weekend we will go back to “El Clásico”: Mexicanos vs Internacionalitos.

Latinos – Rest of the World 0:2

Goals: Josh (ENG), Josh (ENG)



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