Team France wins 2:0 over Mannichester FC

Team France too organized for Mannichester

The second encounter between the international team of Mannichester FC and Team France was won by the Europeans. They managed to win the return game after having lost 1:0 in the first encounter, with midfielder Danny scoring the “golden goal”.

Mannichester FC

Carlos (gk) (MX)

Manni (c) (IN) – Kim (GER) – Wen (MX) – Andre (BRA)

Raymond (VEN) – Emil (VEN) – Deyban (VEN) – Carlos (MX)

Elias (MX) – Javier (MX)

Theo L. – Pierre 

Matthieu – Selim – Pablo (c) – Alex

Ben – Will – Nabil – Max


Subs: Greg & Theo


1st half – Matthieu and Pierre bring France in front

Team France needed about 10 minutes to organize themselves. Mannichester had a bit more ball possession in the beginning but that quickly changed. After the initial 10 minutes the French team controlled the game, being able to run several extremely dangerous counter attacks through the fast offensive players Matthieu, Theo, Greg and Pierre.

The first goal was a great combination from Pierre to Greg, who in turn made a through-pass to striker Theo L.. The French man was free in front of goalkeeper Carlos and consequently he put the ball into the net, 1:0.

Even after the goal, Mannichester was not able to control the aggressive play of the Europeans. The second goal would not wait for too long. This time, a long ball was underestimated by defender Wen. Striker Pierre was anticipating that the ball could go through. He made a run towards the goal. Goalkeeper Carlos was again confronted with an opponent’s player by himself. Pierre took a direct shot. Carlos was able to get a hand on it but still the strong shot landed in the lower right corner of the goal, 2:0.

2nd half – Mannichester with limited creativity

It was Mannichester’s turn in the second half. As expected, the French team played much more defensive, letting Mannichester pass the ball around in the defense. But once Mannichester’s offensive players would get the ball, they had one to two French players against them due to the extreme professional organization of the French team. It was a tremendous task to get into the dangerous area around the box. The few times Mannichester was able to break the defensive lines of Team France was when right midfielder Raymond from Venezuela made some runs. In one of his runs defender Kim suddenly was free in the box. The Venezuelan made a brilliant pass to the German, whose header was saved by French keeper Carl. Midfielder Deyban had another chance when he took a shot about 25 meters away from the goal with his weaker left foot, but again keeper Carl was at the right place to make a safe.

Every here in there the frenchmen would still go for some incredibly dangerous counter-attacks. They could have scored a few more goals but either goalkeeper Carlos blocked the attacks or the strikers’ shots barely missed the goal.

Team Mannichester will be more prepared for the next game against Team France. For the time being, the 11 a side games between Internacionalitos vs Mexicanos will take place every Saturday, accesible for everyone that has some experience on the big pitch through the Sport12 app. 

Mannichester 0:2 France

Goals: Theo L. (1:0), Pierre (2:0)

Equipo France wins 2:0 with goals from Theo and Pierre.



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