Internacionalitos win battle of 9 goals!

After having had some fierce battles between teams Rest of the World against Latinos and Japanese teams, this past Saturday we returned to el clásico: Mexicans vs. Internationals.

It was a traditional game. Traditionally, because some of the Mexican players came 10 minutes late to the game. Traditionally, because Wen organized the team from the defense and the Mexicans went for counterattacks. Traditionally, because Manni shouted from the back of the international team and Deyban organized the game from the midfield. With Venezuelan Raymond, he had a very good team player next to him. The complete lineup of both teams:


Subs: Orlando, Amigo Wen


Gustavo – Wen – Angel

Alejandro – Bob – Fumi (JAP) – Jonathan (ENG) – Alejandro

Edward (KEN) – Manuel

Ferro (VEN) – Greg (FR)

Ryan (US) – Raymond (VEN) – Deyban (POR) – Maxcense (FR)

Scott (US) – Oscar (VEN) – Manni (IN) – Andre (BRA)


Subs: Matt



Max scores after 3 minutes

The Mexicans started with 8 players. Internationalitos took advantage of that and pressured extremely high in the first minutes. Within a few minutes, French right wing Maxcense score the first goal of the game already. Then Wen and two other players came and which tremendously stabilized the game of the Mexicans.

Mexicans focused on the defense and tried to be efficient on counter attacks. Two of them were brilliantly finished by Ivan, turning the game around. 50% of the 2:1 goes to Fumi, who took out three players in the midfield and then passed the ball between two defenders of team internationals right into the feet of Ivan.

Before the half time whistle, Venezuelan Ferro was able to equalize the scoresheet after an assist of his French friend Greg.

5 goals in the second half: Greg – Manu – Max – Jon – Deyban

After the half time both teams started to like the offensive game. Goals were scored every 5 minutes. Greg scored the 3:2 for Internacionalitos. When Max passed the ball to the French man the Mexicans played offsite but the referee assistant had a different opinion. The Mexicans however did find the right answer and scored right away through striker Manuel Lozano, 3:3. MVP of the game Max again pushed his team in front after finishing a center of US-boy Ryan. English man Jonathan, who together with Fumi and Edward helped out the Mexican team, equalized again.  Deyban had the final word of the game when he skillfully shot a ball from around 30 meters into the long corner of the goal, 5:4 for Internacionalitos!

Due to his powerful runs on the right site, making himself always available for his team and score two goals, Frenchman Maxcense was voted MVP by the players after the game!

Next Saturday is the great game between Rest of the World and team Venezuela. Due to the great friendship between France and Venezuela, Greg and Max will help out the Venezuelan team.

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