Danny, Kim and Raymond assure victory for Mannichester

It was the first encounter between team Rest of the World and Mannichester FC this past Saturday at the beautiful Benito Juarez Stadium in the heart of Mexico City. Team Mannichester arrived with a team of players from 8 different nationalities. Team Rest of the World had a strong Mexican influence with 7 players, next to their 2 Japanese players and Ferro and Andre from Venezuela and Brazil. Both teams had one Brazilian player.

Experienced player Manuel took over the leadership in the defense of the newly mixed team. This helped the team organizing themselves better. Japanese Tomo, who almost never missed a game this year, played next to Manuel. He took responsibly for his team and left Mannichester striker Greg with no chance to breath.

On the side of Mannichester, Brazilian Danilo replaced defensive leader Wen, playing with El Salvadorian Hector for first time in the defense. Venezuela’s most promising talent Raymond played as a striker for the first time, due to a lack of strikers. Luckily for Mannichester, his broad skillset as a player allows him to play in different positions. Mannichester changed from a 3-5-2 formation into a 4-4-2 formation in the second half, the same formation ROW chose throughout the whole game.

Mannichester FC

Carlos (MX)

Manni (IN) – Hector (SV) – Danilo (BRA) – Arturo (MX)

Max (FR) – Deyban (VEN) – Kim (GER) – Danny (US)

Raymond (VEN) – Greg (FR)

Ferro (VEN) – Javier (MX)

Mauricio (MX) – Fumi (JAP) – Andre (BRA) – Amigo Angel (MX)

Jorge (MX) – Manuel (MX) – Tomo (JAP) – Angel (MX)

Banano (MX)

Rest of the World

First half – Mannichester on Fire

Team Mannichester was on fire in the first half. They attacked Rest of the World very deep in their first half. That caused lots of problems for ROW. The internationals were not able to use their offensive formation. Strikers Javier and Ferro we left with no balls.

The first goal of Mannichester was very surprising. US-boy Danny took a corner. His shot landed straight into the goal of ROW goalkeeper Banano. German midfielder Kim was able to finish one of the remaining attacks of Mannichester, scoring the 2:0. Midfielder Max made a run on the right wing and put in an excellent cross, before Kim was able to shoot the ball into the net.

Second half – Rest of the World doesn’t give up!

For the second half, ROW managed to come up with a strategy that allowed strikers Ferro and Javier to get more balls. The midfielders and defenders provided the fast strikers with long balls. Defenders Danilo and Hector had their problems dealing with this sudden change of play. A few minutes into the second half, Mexican striker Javier took advantage of one of those balls and finished it cool, 2:1.

Mannichester emphasized their play on the wings for the second half. Especially Danny was very active on the left wing. On one of his runs he managed to find Venezuelan Raymond in the center, who finished the ball to mark the 3:1 end score for Mannichester.

This Saturday will be the return game between Mannichester and Rest of the World.

Rest of the World – Mannichester FC 1:3

Goals: Danny (1:0), Kim (2:0), Javier (2:1), Raymond (3:1)


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