1st 11-a-side game for Jakeventus

It was the first 11-a-side game for the international team of Jakeventus. Yesterday the team played at the newly renovated pitch at Deportivo Benito Juarez against the soccer team from UBER to determine the final winner. Both teams have won once in the two 7-a-side games they played before.

Jakeventus tries to withstand the pressure from UBER

The teams came early to the game to be able to warm up half an hour before. Indian player Manni-Mourinho gave a motivational speech before the game emphasizing the team play and a positive attitude towards the referee and linesmen.
With a solid 4-4-2 formation both teams tried to use the wings for their offensive play. The first two minutes belonged to UBER who did not give away the ball and circulated it well after starting the kick-off. When Jakeventus finally conquered the ball it was difficult to pass around the ball as the Uber team led by French player Pierre positioned themselves very well and did not provide much space. However, 10 minutes into the game Jakeventus organized themselves a bit better and slightly changed the formation into a 1-3-4-2 formation with Wen (MEX) being the last man. This provided more stability in the defense, left the midfielder Kim (GER) and Pablo (FR) with one person less though. With Alex from Spain and Pierre from France Ubers midfield continuously caused problems for Jakeventus. It was difficult to stop those high class players. Therefore, Jakeventus played mostly through their wingers; Pepa (MEX) and Hazael (MEX)/Max (FR) on the left side and Manni (IN) and Edgar (US) on the right side. Jake (ENG) and Edward (KEN) took the striking positions, with Jake covering the left part and Edward occupying the center position.

Jakeventus’ strikers Jake and Edward score the first goal

Goalkeeper Banano had to save some initial attacks from Uber, which he did without problems. Way into the second half one of our counter attacks was successful. Jake got the ball on the left wing up top and cut into the middle to go for the strike (kind of his move). The goalkeeper got his fingers on the ball but Edward did what a striker had to do and was there for the re-bounce which he managed to put into the net – 1:0 Jakeventus.

US-boy Edgar scores right after half time break

Both teams had a chance to drink some water at the 5 minute break. Edgar was the one that used the break most efficiently focusing on the second half. When he got the ball after the kick-off he dribbled around one guy, passed two other guys on the right wing and passed the ball perfectly to Jake who did not hesitate long and took the shot directly. The “goalie couldn’t handle Jake’s rocket, I (Edgar) picked up the trash and slotted it home for the team. 2-nil”, as Edgar explained after the game.

With the 2:0 cushion Jakeventus focused on the defense trying to withstand the attacks from Uber. A few changes where made in order to recharge batteries. Max came in for Hazael forming the left wing with Pepa. UBER came to a few chances. Most of them consisted of long distance shots that were not easy to save by Banano put he managed to maintain a clean sheet.

Therefore, 2:0 was the final end result making Jakeventus the final winner over UBER. It was 3 very fair, fun, but also competitive games against the international team from UBER. Thanks for the great fun!

Game Stats:

UBER: Martin, Benjamin, Will, Edgar Gutierrez, Mauricio, Pierre, Alex, Arturo, Inigo, Mario Gutierrez, Nico Rojas, Valentin
Jakeventus: Banano, Wen, Hector, Pepa, Manni, Hazael, Pablo, Kim, Edgar, Jake, Edward, Max

GOALS: Edward (1:0), Edgar (2:0)

MVP: The whole team, as it was a great team efford with everyone putting in a 100% to win this game

* Special thanks to Fabi and Julio Cesar for putting in as much passion and energy as us and taking the amazing pictures of the game.

Highlights of the Game

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