Mexicans keep being invincible

Mexicans keep being invincible – 4th victory in the 5th game for the Mexicans

It was another attempt of the international Team captained by Indian defender Manni to win against the Mexican team on last Saturday’s 11-a-side game. With 3 french players (Pablo, Selim and Gregory) and 3 US players (Ryan, Mark and newcomer Jose), the international team relied on their 4-4-2 system. The Mexicans started in a similar system, switched successfully in the second half to a more offensive 3-5-2 system:

Team International

Subs: Mark (US), Selim (FR), Tomo (Jap)

Cristian (MX) (GK)

Manni (c) (IN) – Hector (SV) – Kim (GER) – Andre (BRA)

Jose (VEN) – Pablo (FR) – Jose (US) – Ryan (US)

Gregory (FR) – Fumi (Jap)


Javier – Bob

Paul – Beto – Fernando – Cesar – Roro

Josh – Wen (c) – Hazael

Carlos (GK)

Subs: Mauricio, Rodrigo

Team Mexico


Visitors saw two completely different Halves

As usual, Manni motivated his team right before the game with a few words in a circle that was formed by the players. On the other side, defender Wen organized his successful team as usual.

The visitors at Benito Juarez Stadium could see two completely different halves. In the first half Team International was controlling the game, not leaving the “locals” space for counter attacks. Consequently, Japanese striker Fumiya (who combined very well with team striker Greg) scored the leading goal.

For the second half, both teams subbed in their players that waited on the side line in the first half. Selim, Tomo and Mark came in for the internationals, while Rodrigo and Mauricio came in for the Mexicans.

While the changes caused some initial irritation for the internationals, they seemed to work out quite well for the Mexicans. The Mexican team overall showed a way different game. More decisive in their actions and more offensive in general, they attacked the international defense frequently. It was difficult for the internationals to hold strong, especially since their own counter attacks did not last long.

Mexican Striker Javier makes the Difference

It came as it had to come. Right wing Roro stroke a freekick into the box, where striker Javier got a header and midfielder Beto (who scored the goal of the day the week before), scored the equalizer. Ten minutes afterwards German defender Kim miscalculated a long ball, leaving it to the goalkeeper. But Mexican star striker Javier was quicker and stole the ball away from the goalkeeper, pushing the ball into the empty goal afterwards. Javier was also responsible for the third goal, that he finished brilliantly after an even better pass of midfielder Roro.

As a result, even in 2019 the Mexican team is invincible. Due to their team spirit and a good organization from the defense, it is a tough task to win against the team. But, the players of team international are well aware that it will be just a matter of time until they beat the Mexicans for the first time. Next week will be the next chance for their first victory!



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