Internacionalitos finally break the record

Mexicanitos loose to Internacionalitos for the first time

So here we are with again an interesting encounter between Mexicans and internationals, the never ending rivalry. Team international always in the pressure to make up for lost games in 2018, and Mexicans always pushing up to keep their winning pride intact.

Last saturday was little bit warmer and an ideal condition to put in the best on the pitch. Both teams were punctual and met everybody with warm handshakes.

Kick Off

Both teams had newcomers: Ponce for Mexicans in the heart of the defense, and the same for internationals, Markus (GER) started alongside Hector.

Internationals started the game with a very new formation 4-3-3 while Mexicans started with 3-1-4-2.



Mamado – Wen – Josh


Roro – Beto – Fernando – Paul

Cris – Adrian

Ryan (US) – Gregory (FR) – Jose (VEN)

Kim (GER) – Pablo (FR) – Deyban (VEN)

Andre (BRA) – Hector (SV) – Markus (GER) – Manni (IN)

Mighty Mike (US)



Eventful first half

With the first whistle began the encounter, both teams trying to push up and do less mistakes on the defense duties. The first promising move of the game came from Internationals with Pablo and Kim combining in the midfield with Kim going for a solo run finding the space but blocked by the goalkeeper.

The Mexicans relied on their wing attacks with Erik pushing the cross balls into the box , earning a free kick minutes later. The kick was a cause of concern but the new German defender cleared it calmly. Both teams pushing up on the wings to make in dangerous crosses but failed to capitalize on the final touches .

Pablo went for a long range shot which was blocked by keeper but resulting in a troubling rebound which Greg made sure to run for it but cleared to safety by the Mexican defense. Just 10 minutes to go in half time Japanese Fumi came in for Venezuelan Ferro on the right side.

Japanese Fumi scores the golden goal

The Indian captain Manni made a run with Fumi on right side and earning a corner for internationals, which was taken quickly by Fumi. Manni made a good ball in the penalty box and found Kim at the edge. Kim smartly made a pass to Debyan who took the shot but not enough to get pass Wen, who cleared it but finds Fumi who calmly put the ball into the back of the net. This was a crucial moment in the match and that was all in the first half.

Mexicans increased pressure in second half as expected

Going by experience the Mexicans always have a better second half and this day also they played well. The second half was more attacking from the Mexicans with Fernando, Cris and Erik combining in the midfield to get pass the defense. Internationals midfield had to put in more effort to stall the efforts of Mexican frontline. Moments later Erik put in a beautiful lofted ball for Cris as both Manni and Hector failed to mark him. Fortunately for Internationals the header was not on target, with Kim giving the two defenders a hard reminder over defense lapses.

Fumi and Debyan again combined in the midfield in a Tiki Taka style and created a promising move for a solo run to the goal, which was stopped by Fernando with a Foul. Mexicans earned a corner minutes later which was dealt by Mike calmly. Mike tried to start a counter attack by quickly releasing the ball which was intercepted by Fernando. Fernando saw the same opportunity like Beto in the previous game trying to loft the ball over the out of goal Mike. But Mike sensed it and caught the ball comfortably.

The rivalry goes on

In the ending minutes of the game Fumi created a good run for Greg allowing him to run for the goal but was badly fouled at the edge of the box by Ponce. International team protested loudly and hence the first booking of the match went to Ponce.

Shortly after that, the referee finished the game at Benito Juarez Arena. In the 7thencounter, Team International finally broke the unbeaten record of the Mexicans. Will the internationals keep improving their stats in the upcoming games against the Mexicans? The rivalry between the two befriended teams sure goes on…


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