„El Clásico“ without a winner

„El Clásico“ without a winner in 9th encounter

El Clásico – Mexicans vs Internationals. That is the mother of all games in Mexico City. Since the first game between an international and a Mexican 11 a side team on July 22nd of 2018, there have been 8 games between both teams. While the first game was won 2:1 by the at that time called Mexican All Star team, it is the internationals that hold more victories. They were able to win 4 times, while the Mexicans were able to win 3 times, with one 1:1 draw (see the table of all games below). The international team emerged from a team called Jakeventus, captained by English striker Jake. Now, “El Clásico” will remain between team “Internacionalitos” of players from all over the World and team “Mexicanos”.

This past Saturday, it was the 9thencounter between both teams. With left defender Pepe and striker Brandon, the Mexicans had two new supporters from Aguascalientes. The internationals received Mexican support in form of left defender Pepa. With Venezuela, Japan, England, US, France, Spain and Mexico, the players of team Internacionalitos represented 7 different countries.

Mannichester’s unbeaten record is over

But before the game even took place, several team members of both teams, that represent a elite team called Mannichester FC, played the return game against an English team called London Burro. While the first game was won 1:0 a week ago through a goal of French striker Greg, this time Mannichester lost 3:1 with the only goal scored by German Kim. It was the first loss for Mannichester FC.

Therefore, Mexican goalkeeper Carlos, Mexican defender Wen, Mexican striker Javier, Japanese striker Fumi, French midfielder Max and the US wings Danny and Ryan played two games in a row.

This was the lineup of the teams of the second game, El Clásico:


Carlos (GK)

Angel – Gus – Wen – Pepe

Manu – Ismael – Hazael – Javier


Ferro (VEN) – Josh (VEN)

Ryan (US) – Fumi (JAP) – Max (FR)

Unai (ES)

Pepa (MX) – Danny (US) – Tomo (JAP)

Ali (GK) (VEN)


Since both teams only had 10 players this time, an interesting lineup was agreed upon on both sides. The Mexicans took out the second striker position, changing into a 4-4-1. Makes sense. The internationals however, were full of confidence. They played in a 3-1-3-2 formation with only three defenders. US-boy Danny was in charge of organizing the defense.

Manuel Lozano brings team Mexico in front

The first chance was created by the Mexicans. They got a freekick about 25 meters before the goal of Venezuelan goalkeeper Ali. Hazael took responsibility for the freekick. His shot however went far above the goal bar. A bit after, Internacionalitos had their first chance when Fumi put Ferro into action. The Venezuelan was able to take a free shot. Goalkeeper Carlos however was able to make a save.

Then, in one counter attack, right wing Manuel Lozano got the ball before the box. He entered the box, dribbled around a defender and took a shot with his weaker left foot. He hit the ball however perfectly, because it landed in the far left corner with no chance for goalkeeper Ali to make a save. Until the half time the Mexicans controlled the game very well.

 Josh’ effectiveness brings Internacionalitos back into the game

Both teams acclimatized now, especially with their new lineup. They entered the pitch again after the half time break determined. The second half started with a goal of Fumi. English striker Josh made a run away from the box. He got the ball, stopped it and delivered it beautifully to his Japanese companion Fumi, who ran into the box. Fumi’s shot landed straight into the net of the goal of goalkeeper Carlos, 1:1.

A perfect start into the second half for Internacionalitos. That woke up the Mexicans again as well so a very competitive game developed. It was again a combination that included Josh, that would lead to the next goal. French winger Max passed the ball to the Englishman in the box. Josh didn’t hesitate long to take a shot with his long legs. Again, goalkeeper Carlos was left without a chance to make a save, 2:1.

Javier’s fantastic free kick saved the Mexicans

But the Mexicans didn’t give up. They created many chances, but new goalkeeper Ali was always there to reach the ball before a striker could have a touch on it. A tremendous help for Internacionalitos. Then, offensive player Javier was fouled by Josh and Fumi about 25 meters in front of the goal. This time, Javier took the freekick. He took a few steps back, and when the referee gave the ball free for the shot, the Mexican took a very precise shot into the upper far corner. Even the tall goalkeeper Ali was not able to save such a fantastic freekick. The ball landed into the net, 2:2.

That was the end result in the 9thEl Clásico. Therefore, Internacionalitos still have one more victory compared to the Mexicans. The fight will go on!

Game Stats

Internacionalitos – Mexicanos 2:2

Goals: Manu (0:1), Fumi (1:1), Josh (2:1), Javier (2:2)

Next Saturday the next Clásico will take place. The teams traditionally play in white and black. Many players are already playing in their own Sport12 jersey. Everyone else can still get his white Sport12 jersey for the competitive 11 a side games.


Historic Game Stats between Internacionalitos and Mexicanos

Internacionalitos – Mexicanos   5:4

Internacionalitos – Mexicanos   1:0

Internacionalitos – Mexicanos   1:3

Internacionalitos  – Mexicanos   1:1

Jakeventus – Mex All Stars   1:3

Jakeventus – Mexican All Stars   3:2

Rest of the World – Mexico   6:2

Mexican All Stars – Jakeventus   2:1

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