Captain Wen gives speech about team values

Last week they lost 2:1 to the Venezuelans, this Saturday team Rest of the World won with the same result against team Latinos. ROW was highly US and French influenced with 5 players from both countries. Additionally, Tomo from Japan, Jan from Germany and Cristian complemented the 13 player squad. For team Latinos the non-Mexican players were striker Daniel and Ferro from Argentina and Venezuela, right wing Raymond from Venezuela and midfielder Danilo from Brazil.

Captain Wenceslao reminds his players about the fair play values of the game

All 26 players that registered to the game on the Sport12 app showed up to the game. Both teams had plenty of possibilities to make changes. After the game Latino captain Wenceslao gathered together his team to improve on some team ethics. He stressed the fact that we are all players from different nationalities that are getting to know each other. Every game new people join the games. That makes the teams a very diverse group. However, discipline is required to be able to have competitive games. The captain explained that everyone comes to enjoy playing soccer. Therefore, it is very important that everyone puts in his maximum effort to help his team win against a different competitive team from other parts of the world. If some players do not play in the interest of the team, the remaining team members do not enjoy the game as much. Letting substitute players join the game after having sit out for a couple of minute is one of the important points that should work better. In general, we are happy to have such a diverse group of people playing soccer every Saturday (and on other days). But especially for the Saturday games discipline is required from everyone. Thanks to people like Wen and Manni we were able to create a friendly atmosphere at the games where everyone is welcome and contributes his best to the team. Let’s keep up the good work!


Both teams played with a solid 4 player defense:


Rest of the World

Subs: Edgar (US), Cristian (MX)

Mike (US)

Louven (FR) – Pablo (c) (FR) – Scott (US) – Tomo (JAP)

Jan (GER) – Mark (US)

Max (FR) – Ryan (US) – Etienne (FR)

Greg (FR)


Daniel (ARG) – Ferro (VEN)

Uriel (MX) – Mauricio (MX) – Danilo (BRA) – Raymond (VEN)

Alejandro M. (MX) – Wen (c) (MX) – Marcos (MX) – Angel (MX)

Carlos (MX)

 Subs: Daniel (CHL), Manuel (MX)



Ryan and Greg with two early goals for ROW

The game itself started quite wild. In the third minute US-boy Ryan, who started for the first time in the center, took a freekick from far outside the box. Everyone was expecting him to deliver it to the players waiting in the box. But the 35 year old thought what Ronaldinho was able to do against British goalkeeper Seaman in the world cup 2012 he could do as well against Mexican goalkeeper Carlos. He took a shot from about 35 meter. The ball landed into the upper far corner of the goal. Golazo! Here is how it looked like:

5 minutes later, Latino keeper Carlos received the ball a bit outside the box on his right side. He passed the ball to center back Marcos, who immediately got under pressure. The defender was not able to control the ball, to the advantage of French ROW striker Greg. The experienced player stole the ball and had no problems kicking the ball into the goal from outside the box, because Carlos was not able to run back into his goal quick enough, 2:0.

Mexican Mauricio scores with a header

After the initial hot start of Rest of the World, team Latinos organized themselves better and were able to strike forward. Before the half time whistle Mexican midfielder Mauricio headed a center from the left side brilliantly into the far corner of goalkeeper Mike. The US-keeper speculated on the first post, 2:1.

Captain Moctezuma for ROW and Wen for Latinos organized their team in the half time again. New players came in on both sides to have more energy for the offensive attacks. Edgar came in for ROW to stabilize the midfield. The game was now completely open. Both teams tried to go for an early goal.

Power-play by Latinos

15 minutes into the game ROW started to play more defensive to secure the leading score. Latinos made use of that and put everything up top. The best chance of the Latinos ended in a shot on the right post when Raymond made a cross from the left side that striker Daniel barely missed and his team striker Ferro had not enough time to make a controlled shot. On the other side a mistake in the defense of the Latinos was almost punished by French striker Greg. He ran all by himself towards goalkeeper Carlos but captain Wen was there in the last second to steal the ball from the Frenchman.

All together a very fair game that leaves space for a bit more competitiveness in the upcoming games. A French team challenges team Rest of the World in a few weeks. The return game against the Japanese team and the Venezuelan team is also still due.

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