Big Comeback of Jakeventus in 2nd Half

Big Comeback of Jakeventus in 2nd Half

On the Independence Day of México Jakeventus FC played a competitive game against the Mexican Team Karlsruher SC. The several visitors of the game saw two completely different halfs. The Mexican team played in a 3-5-1-1 formation while Jakeventus played in a 4-3-3 formation:


Carlos – Alejandro – Eduardo

Arturo – Mike – André – Rubén – José




Jonny – Edward – Hazael


Kim – Pablo

César – Héctor – Andrew – Manni


Karlsruher SC the better Team despite having only 10 Players

Karlsruher SC could not complete their team in the first half. While Ruben helped out the team they were still one man short in the first half. That provided some extra motivation for the team. The Mexicans were the more efficient team in the first half winning the decisive duels in the midfield and played without any mistakes in the defence. Consequently, the first goal of the day was scored by Karlsruher striker Aldo, who finished a superb pass from his teammate about 15 minutes into the game. Keeper Banano was left without a chance to stop the ball. Jakventus did not find a way in the first half to cope with the dense midfield of Karlsruher SC despite having one player more.

Jakeventus scores 5 goals in the second Half

This should change in the second half. Jakeventus made a small but crucial change in their lineup. French international Pierre came into the game. It took him about 8 minutes before scoring the first goal for Jakeventus. This was a massive mental booster for the whole team. Everyone from now on played with more confidence. 5 minutes after the equalizer Pierre made a run on the right side passing the ball in the right moment into the back of the defence of Karlsruher SC. Midfielder Jake had no problem to stop the ball and to circle it into the right upper corner of the goal in a way usually only Henry knew how to do it. But that was not enough yet. Jakeventus was still hungry for more goals. Pierre scored the 3:1 a bit after and Kim showed why they call him Diego in Germany increasing the score to 4:1 with a solo run. This is how the goal looked like more or less:

Despite getting 4 quick goals in the second half Karlsruher SC never gave up. Team captain Fernando received the ball in the box 10 minutes before the final whistle and took a precise shot into the left corner of the goal, 4:2. After a long ball from keeper Banano Pierre marked the final goal of the game with a magnificent finish once again.

At the end it was another successful competitive 11-a-side game for Jakeventus against a very fair Karlsruher SC team. The revenge game will not wait for too long!

* thanks to Fabi for the illustrations of the games, even capturing the goals!



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