Milagro Mexicano! The defence did not break!

With the new year 2019 the 11-a-side soccer games at Benito Juarez stadium started again. The international group plays competitive games against companies like Uber or KPMG and between themselves, dividing the teams based on their nationality.

Whenever Team International played against the Mexican team in 2018, the internationals had no luck in winning a single game. The Mexicans organized by captain Hazael always had a better team spirit than the “internacionalitos”. This is something that ought to be changed in 2019.

This past Saturday the internationals got their first and probably best chance so far to finally beat the Mexican team. The Mexican team was complemented with several new players, while the international team, consisting of 8 different nationalities, mainly knew each other. They had to suffer a last minute loss with their goalkeeper though, but German defender Jens showed no fear and sacrificed himself for the team, being the goalkeeper for the whole game:

Team Mexico

Banano (GK)

Mamado – Wen (c) – Mauricio – Marcos

Cristian – Beto – Diego – Roro

Javier – Pepa


Edward (KEN) – Greg (FR)

José (VEN) – Mathieu (FR) – Andre (BRA) – Ryan (US)

Danny (US) – Kim (GER) – Héctor (SV) – Manni (IN) (c)

Jens (GER) (GK)

Team International


Defender Wen takes over leadership role

In the absence of Hazael aka Mamado, Wen took over the leadership of the Mexican team. He organized the team as good as possible, without knowing many of the new players.

Mexican team captain Wen organising the team with several new players before the game

Indian team captain Manni gathered his international team together before the game forming a circle and motivating his team mates with a few sharp words, that got stuck in every player’s mind. Team spirit and fair play was the main message from the international captain.

Team International with a strong start

Team International took the lead of the game right away. While the Mexican team had trouble organizing themselves in the beginning, Manni’s team came into dangerous positions more and more often. Kenyan and French strikers Edward and Gregory had a couple of early chances. It seems like they were getting ready soon to strike the first goal.

It was a miracle that the Mexican team survived this first firing 15 minutes. Then Hazael came into the game, giving his team a bit more stability and confidence. Both teams went with a 0:0 into the half time break.

Alberto with genius moment

In the second half a slightly different game was seen by the visitors at Benito Juarez stadium. Now the Mexicans found their ideal formation in the defense and found back to their strong counter attacking play. With striker Javier they had a dangerous weapon. But no clear chances could be created due to the stable defense of team international. Overall a very physical (but always fair) game developed with equal possessions of both sides.

Then, out of nothing, the Mexicans scored the leading goal. Midfielder Alberto, who recently returned to Mexico after his 2 year Masters at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta US, saw that goalkeeper Jens stood a bit outside his goal. The Mexican took a looping shot from around 30 meters above everyone, including keeper Jens. A magical strike that the Mexicans needed!

French midfielder Max with trade mark strike

From then on, Team International tried everything possible to go for the equalizer. Especially the left side with French substitute Max and the never tiring US boy Danny was very active. It was French midfielder Max with a glorious moment, who took charge of scoring the equaliser. He got the ball on the left side, 30 minutes in front of the goal and went for a side-kick (his trademark). The ball went straight into the farther upper right corner of keeper Banano’s goal.

That was the final result. A fair result due to the passionate defending of the Mexican team in the first half.

Mexicanos 1:1 Internacionalitos

(1:0) Alberto

(1:1) Max

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Highlights of the Game

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