Another rivalry started

First game between Latinos and players from the Rest of the World

Here we are back again with a very interesting clash, this time we played Latinos vs Rest of the World. The weekends are getting warmer each week and this adds to more charged people for the games.

Team Latinos started the game in a  4-4-2 formation, with captain Wen starting alongside Hector. José de Venezuela, Andre de Brazil y Hector de El Salvador were the three only non-mexican players for the Latinos. Team Rest of the World (ROW), with four players from the US!!!, and other players from Japan, France, Germany, India, Portugal and India, was back with their favorite 4-4-2 formation, with captain Manni lining up with Kim in defence. You usually don’t see defenders captaining the games but here at sport-12 you can be anything because here you are the star!!!

Team Latinos

Subs: Forro (VEN), Mario (MX)

Carlos (MX)

Andre (BRA) – Hector (SV) – Manuel (MX) – Adrian (MX)

Rorro (MX) – Wen (MX) – Ivan (MX

Gus (MX) – Javier (MX) – Cesar (MX)


Fumi (JAP) – Gregory (FR)

Ryan (US) – Deyban (POR) – Pablo (FR) – Tomo (JAP)

Mark (US) – Kim (GER) – Manni (IN) – Felix (ENG)

Cristian (MX)

Subs: Danny & Andrew (both US)

Team Rest of the World


First game for English right wing Felix

ROW gets to kick off the match passing it back to the defensive line, with new comer Felix on the right back position. Also Javier was back in striking position for the Latinos. The ROW had the first attack on the Latinos with Greg for a shot, Latinos were quick to respond to this with Gus and Roro combining on the left wing which was finally disrupted by Ryan.

US left defender Mark makes crazy run and almost scored the first goal

Slowly ROW controlled the tempo of the game with most attacks coming on the right wing with Pablo, Tomo and Fumi. Long crosses were put in by Deyban but easily cleared away by Hector. Minutes later a long ball from Manni finds Greg who was not able to control it. Mark put in a ball to the midfield and makes a run along the left wing and the through pass from Pablo finds Mark at the edge of the box who shoots it with all his force, forcing Carlos to make an impressive save. Latinos made a tactical change with Gus coming in between central defenders while Javier going to the left to cross in the balls.

Chances were created on both sides without benefiting from them

Gus trapped a long ball comfortably and was able to pass it on to Cesar who pushed the ball for Javier but too strong for him to convert it into something. Another attack coming from wings by Latinos with Ivan playing a line pass to Cesar, which Felix preventing Cesar from reaching the ball before it crossed the goal line. Minutes left to play a cross from Deyban finds Greg who goes for an acrobatic shot and the shot finds Danny on the far side. Big boy Danny was very excited to see the ball and goal but couldn’t convert this into the goal. The first half was more about unfinished moves and good defending from both sides.


Second half : Team Latinos change their formation

Latinos made another change with Wen and Mario (who is twin brother of Cesar) moving into midfield and with a new formation of 4-3-3. Team Latinos started with more aggressive attitude and making sure to create defensive problems for team ROW. Keeper Carlos made good long balls to Javier and Cesar which were calmly cleared by Kim and Manni. Javier and Erick combined on the left side with little 1-2 and Erick makes a run into penalty area, which was blocked by Ryan. Erick suffered an injury forcing him out of action for next 2 weeks. (We wish him a fast recovery!) Minutes later another attack from ROW finds Fumi in the box and he makes no mistake to put it in the back of the net. This really charged up the game and Latinos were back with attacking play. Kim made a back pass to Christian who was able to handle it but Forro able to snatch the ball and made a cross into box which was cleared.

Latinos make the equaliser

Minutes later latino striker sees Christian out of line and fires up a shot which was just inches away to be in the back of the net. With 5 minutes to go same striker put in a grounded shot which curled back into the goal following wrong judgement of the ball. That’s how the game unfolded, it was a very competitive game with both sides played their hearts out and greeting each other warmly for their performance. This is the spirit of football which connects the people no matter which nationality or religion you are because here you are just footballers playing the game.

See you all next week



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