1:1 2:2 3:3

1:1 2:2 3:3 – Third tie in the third game between Latinos & Rest of the World

What a great game the visitors at Benito Juarez Stadium saw this Saturday between Latinos and players from the rest of the world. 

In the third encounter between both teams it was clear that the teams wanted to show who the real and final winner is. The proud Latinos were not gonna give away the victory to the players from India, Germany, England, Japan, Portugal, USA, and France.

Left back Alejandro played for the first time for the Latinos and he did a great job not letting too many players pass him. Japanese players Yori and Ori also played for the first time for team Rest of the World, after having played at past Saturday’s game for their Japanese Team against team Rest of the World. The integration of the players as usual went without any problems. 


Banano (C)

Alejandro – Manuel – Ruben – Alberto

Emil (VEN) – Fernando – Arturo – Ivan

Javier – Ferro (VEN)

Greg (FR) – Fumi (JAP)

Ryan (US) – Pablo (FR) – Deyban (POR) – Danny (US)

Yori (JAP) – Markus (GER) – Manni (IN) (C) – Tomo (JAP)

IronMike (US)

Rest of the World

First half – Latinos with momentum

It was an unusual open game of both sides. Both teams focused more on the offensive game than playing form an organized defense. In general, team Latinos had an advantage in the first game, creating a few more chances.

Venezuelan Emil and Ferro score the first goals

15 minutes into the game Venezuelan Emil, a former player of Venezuelas second devision, scored the first goal of the game. His country companion Ferro even scored another goal for the Latinos in the first half. Mexican midfielder Ivan passed the ball elegantly over the defenders of ROW to Ferro, who controlled the ball and pushed it into the net before goalkeeper IronMike could reach him. 

Second half: Rest of the World comes back

Indian team captain Manni gathered his team together during half time to discuss how to get back into the game. He stressed the importance of putting in extra effort and always coming back to the main positions after their attacks to not be so vulnerable for counter attacks. Also, the team agreed to play more through the wings, changing to a 3-4-3 formation with French right wing Max entering the game. 

If you think the first half was an open game, you have not seen the second one. All together 4 goals were scored in the second half alone. 

Japanese Fumi and Venezuelan Emil score

Japanese Fumi, one of the most technical guys, scored the 2:1 for ROW not too long into the second half. He however got criticized by his teammates for not putting in enough effort. A Fumi who would run more would be indispensable. But Latinos continued their offensive game. In one of their attacks, Venezuelan right wing Emil made a run to the front, taking out a few players and took a shoot that landed right into the net of goalkeeper IronMike. The 2 goal distance was reestablished. 

Deyban furiously asked to get back the ball right after the goal had been scored to not loose time coming back. He took charge of the management of the team motivating everyone to put in an extra effort. Himself and midfielder Pablo from that point on were all over the place. 

Portuguese Deyban and Japanese Fumi with two late goals

It was not a surprise that Portuguese player Deyban himself scored the 3:2 goal after making an incredible run into the box all the way from the defensive midfield position. He put an example of the effort that needs to be put in to stand a chance against the Latinos. 

ROW smelled that there was a chance to at least tie the game, since the defense of the Latinos started to get tired, with not many substitutions on the bench. 5 minutes before the game ended newcomer Ori from Japan made a run on the left wing and made a dangerous cross into the box. Country companion Fumi was where a good striker had to be and finished the cross professionally into the net, 3:3. 

That was the final result. After having tied the two games before 1:1 and 2:2, also in the third encounter Latinos and Rest of the World tied 3:3. It is clear that both teams are starting to get to know themselves better, leading to more successful offensive actions. There will be another game between the two prestigious teams to determine a final winner!

Be on time!

At this point we want to point out that we all depend on the reliability of the players. We have around 26 players that gather together for the games. If some players turn up late at the games or do not turn up at all, all the remaining players are negatively affected by it. Today ROW had to start with 7,5 players (German midfielder Kim had to start even though he was not supposed to play due to his injury). For the players that turned up late for several times already please assume your responsibility in the next games. 


In about two to three weeks we will have the first game between Venezuelans and team Rest of the World. Captain Ferro is organizing the Venezuelan team these days. 

Next Saturday we will have the Anniversary party of Team International starting at 9pm. We are happy to see as many players as possible with their friends at the party. We have a maximum capacity of 60 people though. Registration is through the facebook event. 

Prost ihr Säcke!

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