Venezuelan subs make the difference

Both goals of the game created by Venezuelan subs Emil and Raymond

The 11thgame between team Mexicanos and team Internacionalitos had no looser. Both teams tried hard to improve their statistics in the 11thencounter of El Clásico. The Mexicans received support from Niko, Fumi and Raymond from Argentina, Japan and Venezuela. Newcomer Gunther played for the first time for the Mexicans, occupying the striker position next to Ricardo. Internacionalitos had 4 players from France and Venezuela each, complemented by Mike, Manni and Edward form the US, India and Kenya. Due to having an overload of offensive players, captain Manny decided to go for an attacking 3-4-3 system. Mexicans relied on their 4-4-2, with captain Wen taking the “sweeper” position:


Subs: Raymond (VEN), Hazael

Carlos (gk)

Wen (c)

Alejandro – Niko (ARG) – Angel

Alberto – Fumi (JAP) – Maye – Mauricio

Gunther – Ricardo

Greg (FR) – Edward (KEN) – Ferro (VEN)

Chris (VEN) – Pablo (FR) – Jon (ENG) – Max (FR)

Bruno (VEN) – Nabil (FR) – Manni (c) (IN)

Mike (gk) (US)

Subs: Emil (VEN)


Venezuelan subs make the difference

The game at Benito Juarez stadium took mainly place in the midfield. Both teams did well in neutralizing the opponent’s strikers, which is why the main battle was fought in the midfield. Pablo and Jon tried just as hard as Fumi and Maye to structure their team. Maye seemed to make the right decisions, conquering a lot of balls and distributing them efficiently within the rows of the Mexicans. Every here and there French Max found space to make a run on his right wing.

Emil provokes penalty against Wen

15 minutes into the game, Venezuelan midfielder Emil came in for Internacionalitos. He brought more aggressiveness into the game. With one of his first touches he stole away a ball from sweeper Wen, who tried to dribble away from the strikers close to the box. Emil instantly went into the box. Wen tackled him very robust. The Venezuelan took the chance and fell down. The neutral referee thought it was enough to give the penalty. Emil took a cool shot in the lower right corner. Keeper Carlos was left with no chance to save it.


Raymond with beautiful assist

But not only Internacionalitos had their star player coming from the bench. With Raymond, the Mexicans brought in a powerful weapon for the second half. The Venezuelan caused a lot of danger on his left wing. Max and Manni tried to get him under control, which was a challenging task. About 8 minutes into the second half the Venezuelan with fresh legs dribbled his way through the left wing. In the right moment he made an excellent cross, right between defenders and keeper Carlos. The cross found striker Ricardo, who had no problem pushing the ball over the goal line. Ricardo played for the first time in his new Sport12 jersey, which might have given him extra motivation to make those energetic runs.

Both teams then tried to take over control of the game, without taking to much risk to give the opponent’s strikers too much space. Here and there some more chances were created, with defender Angel for example hitting the goal bar, but at the end the score remained 1:1. The 11thencounter of El Clásico did not find a winner, and therefore neither a looser. Next week both teams have another chance to improve their statistics. Internacionalitos are still leading with 5 games won, compared to 3 games won by the Mexicans.

Game stats

Mexicans – Internacionalitos 1:1

Goals: Emil (0:1), Ricardo (1:1)

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