Internationals very effective today – 4:0 victory!

This week’s encounter was similar to last week (Internationals won 2-0 vs Mexicanitos), the only difference being the score. This time internationals started off the match with 10 players and Mexicans being available in full strength with some latecomers as usual.


Subs – Tomo


Roma Manni Danillo Julian

Bruno Aymeric Pablo Andre

Josh Ferro

Javi Christian

Leo B. Rodrigo B. Oscar Ricardo

Jorge Ismael Lozano  Angel



1st half – International strikers Ferro and Josh put their team up front 

The game started with a quick talk by Manni for the internationals , Lozano carried out the briefing for the Mexicans. Within 5 minutes quick attack from right flank saw a cross from Josh inside the box to Ferro, who finished it calmly giving an early lead to Internationals. Mexicans started pushing up from right flank combining with Javi and Ricardo. Danilo made sure to thwart any attacks. Pablo opened up the flank from centre to play Ferro in open space who put in a good cross for Josh who smashed it in far corner of the net. Aymeric kept winning balls from the offensive moves and distributed very well. This really made things worse for the Mexicans.

Now the attacks started coming off from Julian’s son who managed to get pass Roma and smashed a shot just inches wide of the goal. Minutes later a messy play at the edge of the box saw Pablo got disposed by Javi who managed to get pass Danilo and Manni, Manni did tackle but it was not enough to stop the bull and it went inside the 6 yard box but failed to convert it into the goal. Pablo was not happy with no warning from his defense but that’s it for the first half.

2nd half – Mexico restructures, Internationals keep pressing

Second half saw Lozano playing as striker with Javi playing in midfield, while Julian’s elder son switching to right flank. This time the attacks were more coordinated coming from right flank but Tomo was also vigilant. Then Andre and Bruno stepped up the attacks from flank, with Aymeric playing as defensive midfielder. There was one chance combined with Jorge/Lozano and Javi but the shot was wide off the goal. Josh was fed by Bruno to make use of the space and passed the ball to Pablo who puts in a very clean grounded pass which Andre puts into the back of the net leaving Mauricio no chance of getting a hand on it, score now 3-0 .

Few minutes later Pablo was involved in another assist but this time to Ferro who shot it at far corner extending the lead to 4-0.

Game stats

Internacionalitos – Mexicanitos 4:0

Goals: Josh (1:0), Ferro (2:0), Andre (3:0), Ferro (4:0)

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