Goodbye Josh!

Goodbye Josh! – The English striker returns to the homeland of “football”

Team Mexicanos and team Internacionalitos had another memorable game last Saturday during the weekly Clásico at Benio Juarez Stadium. It was the last game for English striker Josh. With goal stats of about 1 goal per game on the 11 a side pitch he was not only an important player of his team, but also a fun friend for many of the players within the sports community.

Both teams relied on a classical 4-4-2 formation, with Josh (for the first and last time) and Wen being the captains:


Ali (gk)

Angel – Wen (c) – Leo – Arturo

Raymond – Fumi – Deyban – Ricardo

Christian – Javier

Josh (ENG) (c) – Ferro (VEN)

Danny (US) – Pablo (FR) – Danilo (BRA) – Manni (IN)

Bruno (VEN) – Cyril (FR) – Héctor (SV) – Tomo (JAP)

Mike (gk) (US)

Subs: Matthieu



1st half – The teams are analyzing each other

In the first half both teams tried to get structure into their own game. Internacionalitos found their positioning very quick, after a quick and precise speech of captain Manni before the game. They had a bit more control of the game. This changed when Japanese Fumi came into the game for the Mexicans, bringing in more stability for his team.

2nd half – Venezuelan Raymond scores twice

In the second half both teams played more aggressive. Both teams played to score the first goal. Venezuelan right wing Raymond was the lucky guy who managed to score the first goal for the Mexicans (him, Deyban, Ali and Fumi helped them out). He got the ball in the box and hammered it directly artistically into the net. What a strike! US keeper Mike had no chance to make an attempt to save the ball. 5 minutes later, midfielder Deyban received the ball on the left side of the pitch. He noticed that Raymond made a run from the far right side. Deyban didn’t hesitate long and took a long shot with his left foot. The pass was inch perfect for Raymond, who managed to score again, 2:0. But that was not the end. After a corner from Deyban, midfielder Ricardo jumped the highest in the box. He timed his jump perfectly and headed the ball into the goal, 3:0. That was it! The best chance of Internacionalitos was created by goodbye boy Josh who put his striker companion Ferro brilliantly into play. The Venezuelan was by himself, only confronting keeper Ali. Ferro took a strong shot towards the goal but Ali showed a tremendous reflex, not letting the international score on this day.

For the Mexicans it was the second 3:0 victory in a row, after having lost 4 times in a row before against team Internacionalitos. The rivalry continues…

Team Internacionalitos and Mexicanos of the first 3:0 victory of Mexicanos a week ago.

We wish Josh a great time in his new journey and hope he will find a similar group of people with which he can share his soccer passion.

Mexicanos – Internacionalitos 3:0

Raymond (1:0),

Raymond (2:0),

Ricardo (3:0)

What else?

There are almost daily games at the Sport12 app. Everyone is welcome to join any game as long as there are open spots. German organizer Imke and the rest of the tennis crew are also happy to welcome more tennis interested people to their weekly games on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Additionally, on august 11th the second version of the Cup of Nations will take place at Taxqueña Arena. Teams from different nationalities can still register for the tournament.

Sport12 – Here, you are the star!

Team Mexicanos and Internacionalitos of this past Saturday’s game

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