Barcelona Star Alex scores winning Goal in Overtime

Barcelona Star Alex scores winning Goal in Overtime

This past Saturday the international team of Jakeventus played a 11 a side friendly game against a slightly different version of the Mexican All Star team that defeated Jakeventus a couple of weeks ago 2:1.

Under best weather conditions both teams tried to score an early goal. Jakeventus played in a 4-3-3 formation with Kenyan Strikers Bhupi and Edward being complemented by star striker Pierre. For the new version of the Mexican All Star team it was a bit more difficult to organize their game and get to know each other since they have never played in this constellation before. But Oscar and David organized the game well in the midfield and striker Elias always finds a way to cause trouble in the opponent’s defence:


Jake (ENG)

Manni (IN) – Hector (SV) – Pablo (FR) – Will (FR)

Edgar (US) – Kim (GER) – Alex (ESP)

Pierre (FR) – Edward (KEN) – Bhupi (KEN)

Subs: Mathieu

Mexican All Stars


Marcos – Arturo – Defensor Nuevo – Hazael

Ruben – Oster – David – Achille (FR)

Delantero Nuevo – Elias

French-Kenyan connection scores two Goals

After around 20 minutes Jakeventus managed to score the first goal when Pierre made his way up on the right wing all the way. He passed the ball in the right moment into the box. Edward was where he had to be as a central striker and had no problems entering the ball into the net, 1:0! After the goal Mexican All Stars put in more effort to score the equalizer, but it was once again the deadly effective French-Kenyan combination between Pierre and Edward that led to another goal, 2:0 Jakeventus!

Mexican All Stars come back strong!

After the half time break it was Mexican All Stars who pressured to score a goal. Jakeventus was able to “survive” the first attacks of the Mexican team and managed to get back into the game. However, towards the end of the game the team of keeper Banano showed themselves very decisive in wanting to score a goal. One of the many counter-attacks ended in a goal scored by Arturo, 2:1!

It was the same Mexican midfielder who also took charge of scoring the equalizer when he dribbled his way through the defence on the right wing and passing into the box, where El Salvadorian defender Hector stood at the right place to score an (own!) goal in the 88thminute, 2:2!

Cool Finish of Barcelona Star Alex in the last Minute

The players of the teams already thought that would be the end result, but Alex from Spain had a different opinion. In overtime Manni intercepted a ball in front of the opponent’s box. He chipped the ball into the danger area where the defence was not able to clear the ball away. Alex took advantage of the confusion that occurred right before the referee was about to blow the whistle. Alex took the ball, ran a few steps with the ball towards the goalie and shot the ball elegantly into the goal of Mexican All Stars, 3:2!

Jakeventus finished the final test before having the return game against the real Mexican All Star team in the next weeks. After the game the players voted for Pierre as the MVP of the game on the new Sport12 app. As usual Pierre dominated the right wing like Nedved in his best times.

Game Stats

Goals: Edward (1:0), Edward (2:0), David (2:1), Hector (OG; 2:2), Alex (3:2)

MVP: Pierre (as voted on the Sport12 app)

* thanks to photographer Fabi for the amazing illustrations of the game

Highlights of the Game

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