Ferro and Wen save Latinos from their first loss

Ferro and Wen score two late goals to equalise the game

The return game between team Latinos and team Rest of the World took place this past Saturday at Benito Juarez Stadium. After having drawn 1:1 the week before, the teams wanted to show who is the final winner between the culturally diverse teams. Even though both teams played with a slightly changed personnel, the teams remained in their playing system: 3-5-2 for the Mexicans, and 4-4-2 for ROW:

Team Latinos

Cristian (P) (MX)

Hazael (MX) – Wen (MX) – Emil (VEN)

Arturo (MX) – Fernando (MX) – Raymond (VEN) – Ivan (MX) – Josh (MX)

Ferro (VEN) – Gus (MX)


Gregory (FR) – Ryan (US)

Max (FR) – Deyban (VEN) – Andre (BRA) – Tomo (JAP)

Pepa (FR) – Andrew (US) – Kim (GER) – Mark (US)


Team Rest of the World

Fierce battle in the midfield: Andre and Deyban vs Fernando, Raymond and Ivan

Due to the lineup the Latinos were the favorite of the victory of the game. They made two fruitful signings. Creative midfielder Raymond and defender Emil (both from Venezuela) complemented the Latinos. Their powerful 5 player midfield was a dangerous threat to ROW.

However, team captain Deyban organized the team well in the midfield and did what he could do together with midfielder Andre from Brazil to not create much open space for the opponent in the midfield.

French strikers Greg and Max score the leading goals

It took around 20 minutes for the first goal to be scored. A fine combination by Ryan and Max brought French striker Greg suddenly in front of the goal. The experienced striker had no problem looping the ball over goalkeeper Cristian into the goal, 1:0!

ROW managed to save the fortunate leading goal into half time.

In the second half the Mexican team pressured higher. But the defense of the Latinos helt strong. One of the few counter attacks that helped recovering breath for the defensive players ended in a goal. Young French midfielder Maxcence took a heart and made a run across the whole pitch. A ball went to the direction of the goalkeeper of the Latinos but Max was quicker and nut-megged the goalkeeper in the finest Mbappé style, 2:0.

Don’t make Latinos angry

With the 2:0 in the back, ROW already thought they would win the game. But they didn’t take into consideration the motivation Latinos can generate when loosing a game. Attack after attack was created by the Latinos, with center back Wen making runs up front sporadically. Also defender Hazael could not hold it in the defense anymore. He changed with striker Gus. And star midfielders Raymond, Fernando and Ivan showed their full potential and combined in the midfield in the best tiki-taka style.

Powerplay in the last minutes by Latinos

It came as it had to come. Team ROW was tired and provided some holes in the defense every now and then. One of the attacks of the Latinos was finished by Venezuelan Ferro, who received a perfect pass from Fernando and did not hesitate long to smash the ball into the net. With 4 minutes left to play the Latinos had new hope to at least tie the game. With the last attack, in which again Ferro was put into a great position on their right offensive sight, he passed the ball inch-perfect with a cross into the feet of defender/striker Wenceslao, who had no problem in pushing the ball into the empty goal. Wenceslao? Yes, that Wenceslao who is normally responsible for organizing the defense. He made an incredible run to score the equalizer for his team, leaving also the second game between Latinos and players form the Rest of the World with no winner.

It surely was not the last game between both teams…


1:0 Gregory (France)

2:0 Maxcense (France)

2:1 Ferro (Venezuela)

2:2 Wenceslao (México)

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