Ricardo brings French team back to reality

Ricardo brings French team back to reality with double pack

Saturday, October 5th: The undisputed French team had their next game against a wildly mixed team of players from Venezuela (Ferdinand & Raymond), France (Edward), Argentina (Niko), Germany (Kim), Brazil (Danilo), United States (Mike) and of course Mexico (Angel, Javier, Daniel & Ricardo). After having won the second Copa de Naciones and having beaten the famous team of Mannichester FC, they might have thought a game against a team of players from all over the world would be a piece of cake. The Internationals showed them otherwise:


Ali (gk) (VEN)

Alexandre – Nabil – Antoine – Thomas

 Dimitri – Fumi – Pablo (c) – Pierre – Mathieu



Ferdinand (VEN)

Raymond (VEN) – Edward (FR) – Daniel (MX) – Javier (MX)

Miguel (MX)

Niko (ARG) – Kim (GER) – Danilo (c) (BRA) – Angel (MX)

Mike (US)

Subs: Ricardo (MX)

Rest of the World

1st half – Kim with solo run

The game could not have started better for the Internationals, playing in an interesting 4-1-4-1 formation: Central defender Kim intercepted a ball in the second minute. He ran with the ball through the whole half of a French team that pushed up too much. When the German was confronted by goalkeeper Ali alone, he kept cool and took a shot with this left foot into the right corner, 0:1. That guy is from another planet!

2nd half – Ricardos’ double pack leaves France with no hope

For the second half a much more aggressive French team was expected. The team who scored the next goal was the international team though. Mexican substitute Ricardo finished an attack from the left site brilliantly, 0:2.

But the French team would not be the French team if they would have given up. With a free-kick a la Roberto Carlos from defender Alexandre, who hammered the ball from about 25 meters into the longer lower left corner of the goal, he brought his team back into the game, 1:2.

Unfortunately for the Europeans, Ricardo was not done yet. He scored another goal with a magnificent loop ball over Venezuelan goalkeeper Ali (Ali helped out the French team because their goalkeeper did not arrive), 1:3.

During the last 5 minutes the game was very open with chances on both sides. One of them was used by French striker Greg who intelligently slipped away from the defensive line and headed a long ball over US goalkeeper IronMike, 2:3.

Finally, a team found a way to beat the “French-Super-Team” as not only Mike already calls them.

Game Stats

France – Rest of the World 2:3

Goals: Kim (0:1), Ricardo (0:2), Alexandre (1:2), Ricardo (1:3), Greg (2:3)

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