Hurricane Internacionalitos runs through Mexicanos

6thvictory in 12thencounter for Internacionalitos

For the first time in a long time central midfielder Deyban from Portugal came back to the Saturday games at Benito Juarez Stadium. Immediately he stabilized the midfield of the internationals from the beginning, dominating it in the first half with non other than Pablo Moctezuma from France. Captain Manni took the right midfielder position, with English Jon dropping down one position into the central defending position next to Nabil from France.

Mexicans got support from Japanese moody striker Fumi, newcomer Ignacio from Argentina and German central backs Kim and Jens:


Subs: Max (FR)

Mike (gk) (US)

Tomo (JAP) – Jon (ENG) – Nabil (FR) – Bruno (VEN)

Manni (IN) – Pablo (FR) – Deyban (POR) – Danny (US)

Josh (ENG) – Ferro (VEN)

Fumi (JAP) – Manuel – Javier

Jorge – Wen – Ignacio (ARG)

Pepa – Kim (GER) – Jens (GER) – Angel

Carlos (gk)


Full offensive power of Internacionalitos

What was planned to be a 4-4-2 formation, ended up in a 4-3-3 formation for the Mexicans in the first half, due to some confusion with the entering players that came late (yellow card Fumi and Wen). The result was a huge hole in the midfield. Sweeper Wen took the defending midfielder position, something he had to get used to first. When playing against Pablo and Deyban in the midfield and having fast wingers with Max and Danny, that can be deadly. The internationals created lots of confusion and chances in the first half. One of those was perfectly transformed into a goal, when right wing Manni from India was beautifully assisted by Pablo Moctezuma. The Indian ran into the box and before goalkeeper Carlos could reach him he took a shot. Carlos didn’t expect such a quick shot, which is why he could not save the ball, 1:0. The celebration of the captain and his friend Pablo was memorable.

But with that goal the hurricane like attacks of the internationals didn’t stop. The Mexican midfield pretty much invited them to attack the defending lines. The best one was created by France winger Max, who found Venezuelan striker freely in the box. His header however didn’t find the goal.

Second half – Hurricane continues but Mexicans fight back

For the Mexicans it was clear that they had to stop the hurricane coming from the midfield. Wen and Fumi were responsible in taking Pablo Moctezuma and Deyban under constant surveillance. While it worked well for the first few minutes, the internationals found ways to enter the box of the Mexicans. Danny on the left side was a constant threat. Ferro moved around everywhere around the box and striker Josh was able to take some smart passes. Within a few minutes team Internationalitos had 3 incredible chances. All assisted by Josh. First, Ferro was alone in front of goalkeeper Carlos, who made himself big enough to force the Venezuelan to shoot beside the goal. In the second chance Josh nut-megged central defender Kim, leaving Danny all by himself in front of the goal. The US-boy passed keeper Carlos but was not able to push the ball into the open goal from 5 meter distance from a sharp angle. But then, Josh again put a great ball to Ferro, who this time was able to find the net of the goal.

Then it was time for the Mexicans to wake up. The internationals also played a bit more defensive with the 2:0 cushion in mind.

Defender Wen shows his striker qualities

It took until the very last minutes until they managed to score a goal. Defenders Kim and Wen already just went up front, leaving the defense pretty much wide open. When Kim got the ball close to the own box, he dribbled quickly through 4 players, left Tomo behind in a sprint on the left side and passed the ball later on to Angel on the right wing. Angel made a quick and smart pass to Wen, who took the striker position. The Mexican from Xochimilico used his full body to pass defender Nabil and left keeper Mike with no chance with his direct shot into the lower left corner, 2:1!

That was it. It was the 6thvictory in the 12thencounter for Internacionalitos. Mexicans were able to win three games so far, with 3 draws as well between both teams.

Game Stats

Internacionalitos – Mexicanos 2:1

Goals: Manni (1:0), Ferro (2:0), Wen (2:1)

Due to the Champions League final there will be no game next week. The next game will be in two weeks.

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