Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the games?

Absolutely everyone can join the games. You do not have to be part of a club . You just have to be above 16 years old. 

Can I organise a game?

In order to guarantee reliable games, we allow certain people to organise games. These are mainly people that organise games already with their friends and are happy to receive a few more players for their games. As per default setting, a user cannot organise a game. Contact us if you want to be an organizer. We will evaluate the possibility of giving you access to create games on the Sport12 app. 

How can I make a reservation at a sports center?

Once you have permission to organise games, you can access the information of the sports center in your city. Through the app you can call the sports center and make a binding reservation. AFTER you made the reservation, you can upload the reservation details on the app so that all users can see your game on the Sport12 app. 

In what cities are the games played?

We are currently organising games in Mexico City. 

What happens if a person does not show up at the game?

Not showing up at a game is the worst crime you can commit in the sport12 community. You disappoint your teammates because they will have to play with one player less. On top of that, they will have to cover your fee. You have up 4 hours before the games starts to sign out of the game. If you do not sign out of the game until then and you do not organise a substitute player, you will be marked as a “NO-SHOW” by the organiser and it will be reflected on your profile. 

How can I improve my star rating?

Up until 24 hours after the game, players have the chance to rate their team mates. The better you played and behaved the better your team mates will rate you. 

How can I improve my level rating?

The level rating is calculated by an automated algorithm based on the games you won and the amount of times you have received the MVP award. The rating goes from 0-10.  

How do I know if an organiser is reliable?

You can see the organiser reliability percentage on his profile in the lower part. This percentage is based on the amount of times the organiser got recommended with a “thumbs up” by the players after the games. 

How can I get in touch with the players of a game?

On the upper right corner of each game there is a chat symbol. All players of the game can communicate through the chat.

How can I get in touch with the organiser directly?

On the game info you will find the organiser name. When clicking on it you get directed to his profile. On the profile you can find his phone number to send him a message or call him directly. 

What app version is currently available?

We are currently testing the beta version of the Sport12 app. The app is available for Android and iOS alike. 

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