Thursday Games in CDMX

Passion – Energy and Friendship at Thursday Games in CDMX

A lot of passion and energy could be felt at the Thursday game last week between the international crew of captain Carlos and Team International’s Mannichester FC. All players gathered together to have fun playing 1:30 hours in the north of Mexico City.

While Mannichester had a tremendous start of the day scoring 8:2 goals by strikers Edward and Joshua, Carlos’ crew came back strong into the game in the second part of the game.

At the end British striker Joshua got voted MVP due to the high amount of goals he scored. On one of his goals he dribbled through 3 players on the finishing line having very little space and managing to put the goal into the net from a tight angle. Only he knows how he did it.

The Thursday games will continue starting at 9:20 pm at Cancha del Clam in the north of Mexico City.

Highlights of the Game

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