New Shirts and new High Class Players

New Shirts and new High Class Players

It was the first game of Team International with the new black and white team shirts. 20 people gathered together yesterday to have some fun playing soccer. Not even the rain could stop the enthusiastic players in the quite competitive games.

Newcomers vs Established Team International Players

We split the group into a team with established Team International players and another team consisting of fairly new players: We were happy to welcome Alis (our second female signing after famous Majo), Mateo our 95thFrench signing and Jonas, finally another German signing. Those newcomers were complemented by last weeks newcomers Come + Theo (FR), Danilo (BRA) and Danny (US). Also Raphaël and Irving, who celebrated their comeback after a few months of absence, and Wen and Alberto from team international supported the “newcomer team”.

Raphaël and Jonas score for Newcomers

Surprisingly the established players of Team International that know each other quite well had a very hard time competing against the newcomers. In the first game the newcomers pressured high and always tried to score a goal right away. The tempo of the game was very high. There was not much time goofing around. French Raphaël opened the score line when keeper Manni was more busy looking at the net of the goal than stopping Raphaëls shot. English Jake was able to score the equalizer but the new star signing Jonas from Germany made sure newcomers went with a winning score into half time.

Newcomers win first Game

In the second half newcomers defended well and started several counter attacks. Brazilian Danilo was a key factor stabilizing the defense of newcomers like Thiago Silva. One of the counter attacks ended up in another goal finished elegantly by striker Irving. Team Newcomers therefore won the first game 3:1!

High Level and 16 Goals in the second Game

For the second game at the second pitch of Taxqueña Arena the revenge came took place. It developed a very competitive game in the poring rain with both teams giving a 100% to win the game. Things even got heated up, but after the game finished hand shakes terminated the small arguments. Goals where scored on both sides every other minute. The motto of both teams was attacking is the best defense. Johnnie, Erick, Irving and Raphaël were the top scorers of the second game. While Wen, Danilo, Manni and Hector were defending as good as they could against the always attacking teams. The final result of the second game between established players of Team International and Newcomers was a fair 8:8.

Danilo and Majo win MVP Title!

It were very competitive and equal games with all participants playing on a high level. The improvement of the players is very noticeable, plus the new signings from Brazil, Germany, France and of course Mexico add to the improvement of Team International. Many players deserved the MVP reward of yesterdays game. While Raphaël, Hazael and Layun had good chances to get the vote for the MVP, it was again left winger Majo who got the most votes for the MVP of the game due to here elegant and never giving up playing style together with Brazilian Danilo. Majos presence also seems to motivate her team mates. Danilos intelligent playing style in the defence made the difference today. Congratulations Majo & Danilo!

> This Saturday will be the revenge game of Team International against Mexican All Stars

Game Stats

Newcomers: Alis (MX), Jonas (GER), Mateo (FR), Come (FR), Theo (FR), Danilo (BRA), Danny (US), Raphaël (FR), Irving (MX), Wen (MX), Alberto (MX)

Team International: Majo (MX), Manni (IN), Jake (ENG), Hazael (MX), Erick (MX), Hector (SV), Kim (GER), Fer (MX), Johnnie (MX),

1st Game: 3:1 for Newcomers

Goals: Raphaël (1:0), Jake (1:1), Jones (2:1), Irving (3:1)

2nd Game: 8:8

Goals: Pretty much everyone

MVP: Majo & Danilo

* special thanks to dream team Hector and Fabi for providing the water for the team and the great images of the games. Star photograph Fabi knows no (rain) barriers when it comes to showing Team International’s star players in the best light.

Game Highlights