Mexican All Stars victorious in Return Game

Mexican All Stars victorious in Return Game

Finally, the great game took place between the international team of Jakeventus FC and the Mexican All Star team of Captain Hazael.

Since the first game between the high profile teams that took place on July 21stof this year, both team players were anxious to play the return game.

This past Saturday, November 10ththe players of Jakeventus and Mexican All Stars entered the glorious pitch at Benito Juarez Stadium. Jakeventus played in black and Mexican All Stars in white.

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Double MVP @ Jakeventus vs Rest of Team International

Jakeventus vs Rest of Team International

One day before the world cup final 22 soccer players from 8 different countries played a competitive but always fair 11-a-side soccer game at the newly renovated blue soccer pitch at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. With our newcomers from Mexico, France and País Basco; Manuel, Tanguy and Aitor, we welcomed three new talented players to our Team International. All new players played in the team “Rest of Team International” against Jakeventus, captained by Manni and Jake.

Before the game Manni gathered his team together to give a motivational speech to everyone motivating each and every one of his players. Both teams played in a 4-4-2 system with the following lineups:


Banano (Mex)
Max (FRA) – Manpreet (IN) – Andrew (US) – Rubén (Mex)
Pablo (Mex) – Pablo (FRA) – Unai (ESP) – Bhupi (KEN)
Alberto (Mex) – Jake (ENG)

Rest of Team International:

Clayton (US)
Manuel (Mex) – Wen (Mex) – Kim (GER) – Tanguy (FRA)
Tomas (FRA) – Edgar (US) – Alex (ESP) – Aitor (ESP)
Héctor (Mex) – Diego (Mex)

Moctezuma scores the first Goal

As both teams never had played in that constellation before, the main purpose of the first minutes was to get structure into the game. Similar to the world cup final the ball went quickly from one side to the other. Jakeventus had slightly more possession of the ball, which they used 20 minutes into the game when Pablo aka Moctezuma scored the first goal of the day.
After the goal the opponents changed their lineup slightly when Alex pushed more up to create more danger. That was a smart move. Towards the end of the first half newcomer Manuel played a long ball to Alex, who elegantly stopped the ball with his strong left foot and didn’t hesitate long to take the shot form outside the box: 1:1!

Jakeventus takes over control – Alex strikes back

Similar picture in the second half. The teams now played a better soccer with Jakeventus constantly pressuring, leaving team Rest of Team International only opportunities for some counter attacks. Center midfielder Pablo and Unai controlled the game a bit more, always making use of their wingers Pepa and Bhupi to create danger. One of these strikes ended up in a goal with Pablo again firing the ball into the net. But Rest of Team International also had their star player. Not long after the 2:1 spanish genius Alex took advantage of some confusion in the defense of Jakeventus and marked the 2:2, leaving goalkeeper Banano with no chance.

That was the final result in the second 11-a-side game of Team International at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. Next week Jakeventus, a selection of Team International, will face a Mexican all Star team captained by Hazael.

Due to there outstanding performance for their respective team Pablo and Alex got awarded as the MVP of the game. Congratulations!!!

Game Stats

Goals: Pablo (1:0), Alex (1:1), Pablo (2:1), Alex (2:2)

MVPs: Pablo and Alex

* many thanks to Luis who got injured just a few minutes into the game but therefore took charge of taking the pictures of the game

Highlights of the Game