Ricardo brings French team back to reality

Ricardo brings French team back to reality with double pack

Saturday, October 5th: The undisputed French team had their next game against a wildly mixed team of players from Venezuela (Ferdinand & Raymond), France (Edward), Argentina (Niko), Germany (Kim), Brazil (Danilo), United States (Mike) and of course Mexico (Angel, Javier, Daniel & Ricardo). After having won the second Copa de Naciones and having beaten the famous team of Mannichester FC, they might have thought a game against a team of players from all over the world would be a piece of cake. The Internationals showed them otherwise:


Ali (gk) (VEN)

Alexandre – Nabil – Antoine – Thomas

 Dimitri – Fumi – Pablo (c) – Pierre – Mathieu



Ferdinand (VEN)

Raymond (VEN) – Edward (FR) – Daniel (MX) – Javier (MX)

Miguel (MX)

Niko (ARG) – Kim (GER) – Danilo (c) (BRA) – Angel (MX)

Mike (US)

Subs: Ricardo (MX)

Rest of the World

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ROW beats Latinos with two goals of Josh

While many players were traveling all around the country for Semana Santa, 24 soccer players from 9 different countries gathered together to play at the traditional Saturday 11 a side game. We were happy to welcome several new guys to the games at Benito Juarez Stadium. Argentinian Niku, Venezuelan Bruno and Mexican goalkeeper Gerry complemented the Latinos. On the other side, Mexican Dani and Maye and Irish Troy supported the Rest of the World team. In general, it was a highly latino-influenced game. Only Josh (England), Theo (France), Troy (Irland), Jens (Germany) and mighty Mike (USA) represented the non-latino part. The new players were integrated very quickly into the teams. Both teams decided to play in a traditional 4-4-2 formation:


Subs: Niku (ARG)

Gerry (GK) (MX) 

Angel (MX) – Manu (MX) – Wen (MX) – Jorge (MX)

Christian (MX) – Oscar (VEN) – Hazael (MX) – Alberto (MX)

Ferro (VEN) – Bruno (VEN)

Josh (ENG) – Maye (MX)

Dani (MX) – Theo (FR) – Bob (MX) – Raymond (VEN)

Troy (IR) – Danilo (BRA) – Jens (GER) – Andre (BRA)

Mike (GK) (US)

Subs: Manni (IN)

Rest of the World

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Return game Rest of the World vs Mannichester

High speed soccer at Benito Juarez Stadium

Several changes were made on both sides compared to the first game between both teams one week ago. Wen, Hazael, Ruben, Jon and Edward replaced Hector, Arturo, Danny, Greg and Raymond for Mannichester. The French connection Nico, Matthieu, Seb and Pablo replaced Mauricio, Jorge, Manuel and Angel’s friend for Rest of the World. On paper, Rest of the World improved their squad tremendously. Mannichester had to feel that in the first half:

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Danny, Kim and Raymond assure victory for Mannichester

It was the first encounter between team Rest of the World and Mannichester FC this past Saturday at the beautiful Benito Juarez Stadium in the heart of Mexico City. Team Mannichester arrived with a team of players from 8 different nationalities. Team Rest of the World had a strong Mexican influence with 7 players, next to their 2 Japanese players and Ferro and Andre from Venezuela and Brazil. Both teams had one Brazilian player. Continue reading


Return game between Venezuela and Rest of the World

The great return game between Venezuelans and a team of players from all over the world took place last Saturday. The Venezuelans won the first game 2:1 two weeks ago. That was enough for team Rest of the World (ROW) to enter the game highly motivated.

Both teams were on time to discuss the strategy and tactics for this crucial encounter to determine the better team out of ROW and Venezuelans. This also marked the return of captain Manni after 3 weeks of absence. Thanks to Max, who brought a white board, the lineup and team strategy was communicated efficiently to team ROW.

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Captain Wen gives speech about team values

Last week they lost 2:1 to the Venezuelans, this Saturday team Rest of the World won with the same result against team Latinos. ROW was highly US and French influenced with 5 players from both countries. Additionally, Tomo from Japan, Jan from Germany and Cristian complemented the 13 player squad. For team Latinos the non-Mexican players were striker Daniel and Ferro from Argentina and Venezuela, right wing Raymond from Venezuela and midfielder Danilo from Brazil.

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Team Venezuela – First Game, first Victory

First game between team Rest of the World against a Venezuelan selection coached by Frenchman Gregori Letort.

Several players of the Venezuelan team have already played at the 11 a side games for the Latin team, such as midfielder Emil, striker Ferro and defender Oscar. Gregori himself has participated in several games as well. For many of the Venezuelan players it was the first time in a long time playing a 11 a side game. Together they have not played 11 a side before. Team Rest of the World was more experienced but had several important players missing for the game. The newcomer Jan from Germany and Daniel from Argentina however fitted into the team without problems.

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Rest of the World beat Latinos in 4th encounter

Fourth game between Latinos and Rest of the World, first winner!

Mexico City, February 25th

This past Saturday the teams of players from Latin America and Rest of the world played for the fourth time, after having tied the games before. This time, one team was able to bring home the victory! 

Both teams welcomed two new players to their team. Angel from Mexico and Oscar from Venezuela joined the Latinos for the first time. Mathieu’s French friends Manu and Olivier also supported ROW for the first time. Bienvenidos campeones!

Team ROW had 4 players from France, 3 players from the US, and one player each from Japan, Portugal, Kenya and England. 

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1:1 2:2 3:3

1:1 2:2 3:3 – Third tie in the third game between Latinos & Rest of the World

What a great game the visitors at Benito Juarez Stadium saw this Saturday between Latinos and players from the rest of the world. 

In the third encounter between both teams it was clear that the teams wanted to show who the real and final winner is. The proud Latinos were not gonna give away the victory to the players from India, Germany, England, Japan, Portugal, USA, and France.

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Japan challenges Team International

Another Challenge for Team International – Japanese team supported my Mexican-German strikers

This game was requested by Japanese striker and captain Fumi long back to play against team Rest of the World (ROW). His wish was fulfilled and match was set this past Saturday. The Japanese team was missing some key players owing to vacation time, so they were supported by other members who couldn’t sign up for ROW which was a good thing making us an inclusive community. Continue reading