Goodbye Josh!

Goodbye Josh! – The English striker returns to the homeland of “football”

Team Mexicanos and team Internacionalitos had another memorable game last Saturday during the weekly Clásico at Benio Juarez Stadium. It was the last game for English striker Josh. With goal stats of about 1 goal per game on the 11 a side pitch he was not only an important player of his team, but also a fun friend for many of the players within the sports community.

Both teams relied on a classical 4-4-2 formation, with Josh (for the first and last time) and Wen being the captains:


Ali (gk)

Angel – Wen (c) – Leo – Arturo

Raymond – Fumi – Deyban – Ricardo

Christian – Javier

Josh (ENG) (c) – Ferro (VEN)

Danny (US) – Pablo (FR) – Danilo (BRA) – Manni (IN)

Bruno (VEN) – Cyril (FR) – Héctor (SV) – Tomo (JAP)

Mike (gk) (US)

Subs: Matthieu

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4th victory in a row for Internacionalitos

The first Clásico of July brought an interesting game between the Mexicans and team Internacionalitos. With Chilean Julian fulfilling his wish to play with his Mexican sons for ones after having played with the internationals for the past two games. With Kim’s father from Germany and our top Sport12 tennis organizer Imke from Germany as well, the players had two new spectators who analyzed the game from the stands. Internacionalitos consisted of players from 8 different nationalities.

Both teams relied on a traditional 4-4-2 formation:


Subs: Wen

Pepa (gk)

Angel – Manuel (c) – Julian – Alejandro M.

Javier – Oscar – Angel – Leo

Elias – Rodrigo

Josh (ENG) – Ferro (VEN)

Asa (US) – Kim (GER) – Andre (BRA) – Max (FR)

Tomo (JAP) – Nabil (FR) – Manni (c) (IN) – Jens (GER)

Mike (gk) (US)


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Internationals very effective today – 4:0 victory!

This week’s encounter was similar to last week (Internationals won 2-0 vs Mexicanitos), the only difference being the score. This time internationals started off the match with 10 players and Mexicans being available in full strength with some latecomers as usual.


Subs – Tomo


Roma Manni Danillo Julian

Bruno Aymeric Pablo Andre

Josh Ferro

Javi Christian

Leo B. Rodrigo B. Oscar Ricardo

Jorge Ismael Lozano  Angel



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Josh’ two goals decide the game

It was an interesting game in the 14thencounter between Internacionalitos and Mexicanos. Team Mexicanos integrated 4 new players into their team, while Internacionalitos was able to play with their experienced players. Captain Manni from India made sure to have a competitive team this weekend, after having lost 1:2 the week before. He was recruiting his best players throughout the week. The group welcomed the new Mexicans Max, Roberto, Dimitri and Victor to the competitive Saturday 11 a side games:


Subs: Bruno (VEN)

Niko (ARG)

Jens (GER) – Jon (ENG) – Nabil (FR) – Tomo (JAP)

Manni (c) (IN) – Pablo (FR) – Danilo (BRA) – Kim (GER) – Andre (BRA)

Josh (ENG)

Fumi (JAP)

Dimitri – Roberto – Ismael – Ricardo – Max

Angel – Wen (c) – Hazael – Miguel

Mauricio (gk)

Subs: Max (FR), Victor Barroso


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Saturday 12thof January: The Mexicans win 3:1 against Internacionalitos with goals of Beto and Javier (2). It was the last victory of the Mexicans in El Clásico against the Internacionalitos. Five months later, on yesterday’s Saturday 11-a-side game, the Mexicans reconquered the thrown again. They managed to turn a 0:1 initial defeat into a 2:1 victory!

Newcomers Guillermo from Mexico and Aymeric and Asa from France and the US helped out the Mexican and International team respectively. This week, the Mexican team almost consisted a 100% of Mexican players. Only Venezuelan midfielder Raymond complemented the Mexican team, in an impressive manner.


Sub: Manu

Mauricio (gk)

Alberto – Hazael – Wen (c) – Guillermo

Raymond – Ricardo – Bob – Angel

Elias – Christian


Aymeric (FR) – Matthieu (FR)

Chris (VEN) – Jonny (ENG) – Kim (GER) – Max (FR)

Bruno (VEN) – Jens (GER) – Manni (c) (IN) – Asa (US)

Iron-Mike (US)


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„El Clásico“ without a winner

„El Clásico“ without a winner in 9th encounter

El Clásico – Mexicans vs Internationals. That is the mother of all games in Mexico City. Since the first game between an international and a Mexican 11 a side team on July 22nd of 2018, there have been 8 games between both teams. While the first game was won 2:1 by the at that time called Mexican All Star team, it is the internationals that hold more victories. They were able to win 4 times, while the Mexicans were able to win 3 times, with one 1:1 draw (see the table of all games below). The international team emerged from a team called Jakeventus, captained by English striker Jake. Now, “El Clásico” will remain between team “Internacionalitos” of players from all over the World and team “Mexicanos”.

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ROW beats Latinos with two goals of Josh

While many players were traveling all around the country for Semana Santa, 24 soccer players from 9 different countries gathered together to play at the traditional Saturday 11 a side game. We were happy to welcome several new guys to the games at Benito Juarez Stadium. Argentinian Niku, Venezuelan Bruno and Mexican goalkeeper Gerry complemented the Latinos. On the other side, Mexican Dani and Maye and Irish Troy supported the Rest of the World team. In general, it was a highly latino-influenced game. Only Josh (England), Theo (France), Troy (Irland), Jens (Germany) and mighty Mike (USA) represented the non-latino part. The new players were integrated very quickly into the teams. Both teams decided to play in a traditional 4-4-2 formation:


Subs: Niku (ARG)

Gerry (GK) (MX) 

Angel (MX) – Manu (MX) – Wen (MX) – Jorge (MX)

Christian (MX) – Oscar (VEN) – Hazael (MX) – Alberto (MX)

Ferro (VEN) – Bruno (VEN)

Josh (ENG) – Maye (MX)

Dani (MX) – Theo (FR) – Bob (MX) – Raymond (VEN)

Troy (IR) – Danilo (BRA) – Jens (GER) – Andre (BRA)

Mike (GK) (US)

Subs: Manni (IN)

Rest of the World

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A strong team France does not break Mannichester’s unbeaten record

It was the expected fierce battle between Mannichester FC and team France. This past Saturday a French selection let by Pablo Moctezuma and Matthieu challenged the unbeaten team of Mannichester FC with players from India, Brazil, US, Venezuela, Germany, Kenya and Mexico. The French team itself got international support with defender Oscar, midfielder Emil and striker Ferro, all from Venezuela.

Mannichester trusted in a conventional 4-4-2 formation. France chose a more attractive 4-2-3-1 formation, having one extra midfielder in the center:


Mannichester FC

Subs: Raymond (VEN), Javier (MX)


Manni (c) (IN) – Wen (MX) – Danilo (BRA) – Hazael (MX)

Danny (US) – Deyban (VEN) – Kim (GER) – Ryan (US)

Elias (MX) – Edward (KEN)


Matthieu – Leandre – Max

Pablo (c) – Nico

Olivier – Cyril – Oscar – Alfaro


Subs: Ferro, Emil


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Duel of the titans: Mannichester vs France

The success of the new team of Mannichester FC got noticed in the soccer scene in Mexico City. The competitive team of players from Mexico, Kenya, France, India, Germany, Brazil, England and Venezuela remain unbeaten to the date. Therefore, Mannichester FC got challenged by a French selection, let by Pablo Moctezuma and Matthieu. There is no doubt that the French selection will come up with a supreme team, having chosen the 13 best players of the 20.000 French people that live in Mexico City.

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Return game Rest of the World vs Mannichester

High speed soccer at Benito Juarez Stadium

Several changes were made on both sides compared to the first game between both teams one week ago. Wen, Hazael, Ruben, Jon and Edward replaced Hector, Arturo, Danny, Greg and Raymond for Mannichester. The French connection Nico, Matthieu, Seb and Pablo replaced Mauricio, Jorge, Manuel and Angel’s friend for Rest of the World. On paper, Rest of the World improved their squad tremendously. Mannichester had to feel that in the first half:

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