11 a side games are back!

Finally we enter the big pitch again!

We are happy to announce that after the summer break the prestigious 11 a side games are back. Captain Manni (Internacionalitos) and Wen (Mexicanitos) will be organizing their teams every Saturday to compete against each other. 

Since July 2018, both teams played 20 times against each other, with Internacionalitos being able to win 10 games and Mexicanitos winning 7 games. The past three games were all won by the locals though. 

We will kick-off the games this Saturday, September 21st with a friendly game between team Mannichester and Team Francia. From next week onwards, the games between Internacionalitos and Mexicanitos will take place. 

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Josh’ two goals decide the game

It was an interesting game in the 14thencounter between Internacionalitos and Mexicanos. Team Mexicanos integrated 4 new players into their team, while Internacionalitos was able to play with their experienced players. Captain Manni from India made sure to have a competitive team this weekend, after having lost 1:2 the week before. He was recruiting his best players throughout the week. The group welcomed the new Mexicans Max, Roberto, Dimitri and Victor to the competitive Saturday 11 a side games:


Subs: Bruno (VEN)

Niko (ARG)

Jens (GER) – Jon (ENG) – Nabil (FR) – Tomo (JAP)

Manni (c) (IN) – Pablo (FR) – Danilo (BRA) – Kim (GER) – Andre (BRA)

Josh (ENG)

Fumi (JAP)

Dimitri – Roberto – Ismael – Ricardo – Max

Angel – Wen (c) – Hazael – Miguel

Mauricio (gk)

Subs: Max (FR), Victor Barroso


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Internacionalitos finally break the record

Mexicanitos loose to Internacionalitos for the first time

So here we are with again an interesting encounter between Mexicans and internationals, the never ending rivalry. Team international always in the pressure to make up for lost games in 2018, and Mexicans always pushing up to keep their winning pride intact.

Last saturday was little bit warmer and an ideal condition to put in the best on the pitch. Both teams were punctual and met everybody with warm handshakes.

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