Captain Wen gives speech about team values

Last week they lost 2:1 to the Venezuelans, this Saturday team Rest of the World won with the same result against team Latinos. ROW was highly US and French influenced with 5 players from both countries. Additionally, Tomo from Japan, Jan from Germany and Cristian complemented the 13 player squad. For team Latinos the non-Mexican players were striker Daniel and Ferro from Argentina and Venezuela, right wing Raymond from Venezuela and midfielder Danilo from Brazil.

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1:1 2:2 3:3

1:1 2:2 3:3 – Third tie in the third game between Latinos & Rest of the World

What a great game the visitors at Benito Juarez Stadium saw this Saturday between Latinos and players from the rest of the world. 

In the third encounter between both teams it was clear that the teams wanted to show who the real and final winner is. The proud Latinos were not gonna give away the victory to the players from India, Germany, England, Japan, Portugal, USA, and France.

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Mexican All Stars victorious in Return Game

Mexican All Stars victorious in Return Game

Finally, the great game took place between the international team of Jakeventus FC and the Mexican All Star team of Captain Hazael.

Since the first game between the high profile teams that took place on July 21stof this year, both team players were anxious to play the return game.

This past Saturday, November 10ththe players of Jakeventus and Mexican All Stars entered the glorious pitch at Benito Juarez Stadium. Jakeventus played in black and Mexican All Stars in white.

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Return Game of Jakeventus vs Mexican All Stars

Return Game of Jakeventus vs Mexican All Stars

The time has come. On July 21st of this year a Mexican All Star team defeated Jakeventus 2:0 in a competitive 11 a side game. It was a painful loss that many players have not digested properly yet. Therefore, we are happy to announce that this Saturday will be the return game at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez at 3pm. Both teams have been recruiting some new players that are likely to push the teams to a higher level.

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First Victory on Grass at Rancho Viejo

First Game and first Victory on Natural Grass

October 20th, Rancho Viejo

A new experience for Team International’s Mannichester FC. The team played for the first time on an 11-a-side natural grass pitch. Several people did not have the right cleats for such a rare but fantastic soccer pitch. But the team consisting of players from Venezuela, Germany, India, United States, El Salvador and Mexico did a great job on their first competitive game on natural grass.

After a quick team discussion right before the game, the following line-up was decided on with a 4-4-1-1 formation:

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11 a side Game of 12 Nations

11 a side Game of 12 Nations

Players from 12 nationalities gathered together this past Saturday to have some fun playing an 11 a side social soccer game. The group was happy to welcome 5 new players to the diverse group: student Niklas from Germany, Alejandro and Pepe from Peru (the first players of the group that are from Peru), traveller Josh from England and central defender Julián from Bogotá, Colombia.

The players where split into a green and a black team. Team green played with one player less. But it seems like it did not effect the team. They played in a 4-4-1 formation, while team black played in a conventional 4-4-2 formation:

Diego (MX)

Adrián (MX) – Hector (SV) – Alejandro (PE) – Pepe (PE)

Niklas (GER) – Kim (GER) – Mathieu (FR) – Andrew (US)

Selim (FR) – Alex (ESP)


Edward (KEN)

Josh (ENG) – Jonny (ENG) – Marcello (BRA) – Elias (MX)

Hazael (MX) – Pablo (FR) – Julián (CO) – Mati (ARG)

Banano (MX)

Couch Manni-Mourinho and assistant Jake couldn’t make it to the game. They seemed to have gotten in trouble with FIFA…

Jonny scores the first Goal

Anyways, after the kick-off both teams took the initiative right away. They tried to not leave much time and space for the opposite team. Moctezuma organized the game of team green well from the center back position, making a sneaky run through the center of the pitch once in a while when the situation allowed it. Team black’s game was mainly focused on getting striker Alex and Selim into the game, letting them handle the magic. With the defenders from Peru (Pepe and Alejandro), El Salvador (Hector) and Mexico (Adrián), the defence was quite stable.

Midfielder Jonny scored the first goal of the game taking advantage of some confusion in the defense of team black. He conquered the ball and pushed the ball into the goal while goalkeeper Diego was still trying to get back into the goal. Now the atmosphere of Benito Juarez Arena in the center of Mexico City got electric. Team black was pushing for the equilizer with some wild but unlucky attempts. One of the attempts however worked out quite well. Selim got the ball about 20 meters before the box and saw his French country man Mathieu making a run. Selim elegantly passed the ball to Mathieu over the defense of team green. Mathieu was in front of the goal by himself and hammered the ball into the right upper corner of the goal. A world class goal. Even goalkeeper Banano had no chance to touch the ball.

Moctezuma with solo run

Then it was time for the half time break. Something sacret for the referee. He took the chance to eat 3 big macs and some fries. While both teams where ready to play after the 5 minute break the referee was still finishing the last big mac. Around 3 minutes later he finally came out to the pitch to start the second half.

Manuel Lozano came in for newcomer Pepe who injured himself in the first half. We hope it is nothing serious. 10 minutes into the game center back Moctezuma had his great moment. He decided to make another run from the defense, nut-megging one player, passing 2 more players and taking a shot from about 30 meter. Due to the wet surface it was a dangerous shot, underestimated by keeper Adrián, 1:2 for team green.

Team Black turns the Game around – Alex with 40 meter Goal

Once again team black had to try to come back. And they did! Selim cleverly fell in the box when defender Julián left his leg out a bit too long. Selim took the resulting penalty himself and hammered it into the net.

Just when both teams thought the 2:2 would be the final result striker Alex from Spain had a different idea. He got the ball around 40 meters in front of the goal of Banano. As crazy as he is Alex thought he could take a shot. His precise shot landed right below the goal bar, unstoppable for Banano. Another amazing goal from another high potential player.

Therefore, team black finished with a lucky 3:2 victory against team green that seemed to have one player less. A great effort nevertheless of team green putting in everything what it takes. The new players integrated well into the team and were major contributors for the competitive game that both teams played.

MVP: Moctezuma

* thanks to photographer Fabi for the great illustrations

* next Saturday team Jakeventus aka Mannichester City might have the revenge game against a Mexican All Star team captained by Hazael aka Mammado



Big Comeback of Jakeventus in 2nd Half

Big Comeback of Jakeventus in 2nd Half

On the Independence Day of México Jakeventus FC played a competitive game against the Mexican Team Karlsruher SC. The several visitors of the game saw two completely different halfs. The Mexican team played in a 3-5-1-1 formation while Jakeventus played in a 4-3-3 formation:


Carlos – Alejandro – Eduardo

Arturo – Mike – André – Rubén – José




Jonny – Edward – Hazael


Kim – Pablo

César – Héctor – Andrew – Manni


Karlsruher SC the better Team despite having only 10 Players

Karlsruher SC could not complete their team in the first half. While Ruben helped out the team they were still one man short in the first half. That provided some extra motivation for the team. The Mexicans were the more efficient team in the first half winning the decisive duels in the midfield and played without any mistakes in the defence. Consequently, the first goal of the day was scored by Karlsruher striker Aldo, who finished a superb pass from his teammate about 15 minutes into the game. Keeper Banano was left without a chance to stop the ball. Jakventus did not find a way in the first half to cope with the dense midfield of Karlsruher SC despite having one player more.

Jakeventus scores 5 goals in the second Half

This should change in the second half. Jakeventus made a small but crucial change in their lineup. French international Pierre came into the game. It took him about 8 minutes before scoring the first goal for Jakeventus. This was a massive mental booster for the whole team. Everyone from now on played with more confidence. 5 minutes after the equalizer Pierre made a run on the right side passing the ball in the right moment into the back of the defence of Karlsruher SC. Midfielder Jake had no problem to stop the ball and to circle it into the right upper corner of the goal in a way usually only Henry knew how to do it. But that was not enough yet. Jakeventus was still hungry for more goals. Pierre scored the 3:1 a bit after and Kim showed why they call him Diego in Germany increasing the score to 4:1 with a solo run. This is how the goal looked like more or less:

Despite getting 4 quick goals in the second half Karlsruher SC never gave up. Team captain Fernando received the ball in the box 10 minutes before the final whistle and took a precise shot into the left corner of the goal, 4:2. After a long ball from keeper Banano Pierre marked the final goal of the game with a magnificent finish once again.

At the end it was another successful competitive 11-a-side game for Jakeventus against a very fair Karlsruher SC team. The revenge game will not wait for too long!

* thanks to Fabi for the illustrations of the games, even capturing the goals!




Spanish Newcomer Karlos decides Game with 2 goals

Spanish Newcomer Karlos decides game with 2 goals on his Debut

We were happy to welcome 12 newcomers to our Saturday social soccer game at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. Under best weather conditions the international group of 23 people split into two teams. The several newcomers Ferdinand, Adrian, Fer, Samuel, Vivien, Jesus (all MX), Mati (ARG), Karlos (ESP), Karyn (US), and Corentin, Raphael and Tomás from France were distributed equally to both teams. Team 1 played with forwarders Karlos from Spain and Marcello from Brazil, alongside with 9 more players from Mexico, the US, Canada, Argentina and France. Team 2 was not a less wilder mix of people, consisting of players from India, El Salvador, the US, and of course France and Mexico. Tomas and Ferdinand started as goalkeepers for both teams.


Ferdinand (MX)

Adrian (MX) – Will (FR) – Mati (ARG) – Fer (MX)

Tom (CA) – Ruben (MX) – Samuel (MX) – Danny (US)

Karlos (ESP) – Marcello (BRA)


Côme (FR) – Vivien (MX)

Karyn (US) – Hazael (MX) – Diego (MX) – Raphael (FR)

Jesus (MX) – Corentin (FR) – Hector (SV) – Manni (IN)

Tomás (FR)


US-boy Danny with the Goal opener!

In the first half both teams tried to understand their team mates, their positions and the opponents playing style. Passes were tried to kept simple and promising chances occurred due to misunderstandings in the defense of the teams. The first goal of the game was scored by US-boy Danny. Since his debut about two months ago Danny has been a constant players of our social soccer games. His playing style is continually improving. On Saturday he rewarded himself and his team with the first goal of the game.

Karlos, Marco and Ruben score for Team 1

After the half time break the game got very interesting. Now both teams lost their patience and focused on scoring a goal, no matter what it takes. Team 1, organized by Will from the defense, who occasionally left his central back position to take more influence in the midfield, soon scored more goals. Especially the striker duo Karlos and Marcello always managed to make themselves available when their team was attacking. While Marcello opened up the space with his runs, Karlos new how to define. The newcomer from Spain scored two goals for his team. Mexican Marcos, who came in for Samuel in the first half, scored another goal for Team 1. Samuel unluckily injured himself a bit while almost scoring a goal after a solo run. Salsa dancer Ruben-Rubinski scored his second goal in a row after his glorious goal of the year from last weekend.

Manni-Mourinho also finds the Net

Player coach Manni-Mourinho was able to at least score one goal for his team, not leaving the team with a zero scoresheet. The Indian defender of Team International and Jakeventus got restless in the second half and decided to interpret his game like Dani Alves, incorporating himself pretty much in all attacking actions of his team. Right midfielder Raphael therefore stepped back to the right defender position.

Overall it was a very friendly and fair 11-a-side game under best weather conditions at one of the best pitches in Mexico City. We are looking forward to welcome more high potential players from Mexico and other places of the world at the next games.

* This Saturday we will have an official game between Jakeventus and Karlsruher SC captained by Fer. The players for Jakeventus are currently evaluated and can join the game via the Sport12 app.

* Thanks to photographer Fabi for the incognito shots of the players from outside the pitch





Last Minute Goal decides the Game

Last Minute Goal decides the Game

On this past Saturday’s 11 a side casual soccer game two completely mixed teams competed against each other. Team “NoCasacas” consisted of mainly Mexican players with the exception of the established players Manni from India and Hector from El Salvador. The team was complemented by three other players from another team. Team “Casacas” was a mix of players from Mexico, the US, Germany, France and Argentina. Mexican Axel and Argentinian goal scorer Mirco played for the first time with the group. French Terence made his second appearance gaining confidence on the pitch. Both teams played in a conservative 4-4-2 formation:

Team NoCasacas

Pablo (MX)

Manni (IN) – Héctor (SV) – Invitado 1 (MX) – Invitado 2 (MX)

Rubén – Dani – César – Hazael (todos MX)

Elías – Invitado 3 (todos MX)

Team Casacas

Banano (MX)

Danny (US) – Axel (MX) – Kim (GER) – Terence (FR)

Tom (CA) – Manuel (MX)– Alberto (MX) – Hakim (FR)

Selim (FR) – Mirco (ARG)

Mexican Manuel scores first Goal

Mexican Manuel Lozano made sure the game started of fresh. Despite being one man less due to the awaited arrival of striker Selim, Manuel managed to score the first goal of the game within a few minutes of the game. This goal was good for the game because it woke up both teams. A fast game developed between the two completely mixed teams. For the next highlight the referee took charge when he stopped the game because Selim, who arrived, changed his shoes real quick but the referee insisted he should do so in the changing room. About 3 minutes later the game could go on…

“NoCasacas” pressured high with success. Salsa dancer Ruben-Rubinski took away the ball from defender Kim about 20 meters in front of the goal. He didn’t hesitate long and took a shot right away, surprising keeper Banano. The ball landed in the right corner, 1:1!

Ruben’s primo Dani made sure NoCasacas would go into half time with a lead. He benefited from a miscommunication between French Terence and Mexican goal keeper Banano. Both players left the ball to the other player with the result of the ball slipping through both of them. Dani, who played for “fuerzas básicas of Pumas, had no problem in pushing the ball passed the goal line, 1:2!

Defensive Block hard to crack

After the half time, Team Casacas played a bit more offensive trying to score the equalizer. However, the defence of NoCasacas organized by experienced El Salvadorian player Hector was difficult to break. A solo run from Kim starting in his own half almost broke the defensive block. But his shot was directed more towards Centro Deportivo los Culhuacanes than the goal. Argentinian striker Mirco however did a better job a few minutes after. He took advantage of some confusion in the defense of NoCasacas and hammered the ball into the net about 10 minutes before the game ended, 2:2!

It all looked like this game would end with a deserved draw for both sides. But the soccer god had a different opinion. Goal keeper Banano intercepted a ball in a way only Neuer knows how to do, far away of his goal. Banano then played the ball to right midfielder Tom to start a quick counter attack. Tom tried to keep the ball save though playing back to his team mate in the defense. Team mate? No! He confused one of the invited players that had a similar jersey color than his team mates. So the ball ended in the feat of that player while Banano was still far out of his goal. He ran quickly towards the goal but the striker of team NoCasacas took a quick shot that landed in the goal before Banano could reach it, 2:3 for team NoCasacas! The final result!


1:0 – Manuel

1:1 – Ruben

1:2 – Dani

2:2 – Mirco

2:3 – Invitado 3

We are happy to welcome new players for our next game this Saturday at 3pm at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez!


Fut11: Rest of the World vs Mexico

Rest of the World overruns Mexico in first Half

This past Saturday another 11-a-side casual soccer game took place at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. The group consisting of 26 players was divided into a Mexican team and an international team with players from France (6), Canada (2), India (1), Germany (1), Venezuela (1) and England (1). We were happy to welcome 5 new players to our casual soccer games. Terence, William, Santiago and Matthieu did a fantastic job for team Rest of the World. Alejandro was a key contributor in the defense of the Mexican team.

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