Cup of Nations at Taxqueña Arena

Cup of Nations at Taxqueña Arena

At yesterday’s Sunday Casual Soccer Games at Taxqueña Arena 23 players from 11 nations in 3 teams played the Cup of Nations: Team1: UK, Team2: France, Team3: Jakeventus.

Jakeventus had a good start winning a few games in a row in the beginning. The veterans had a slight advantage since they play together for several months already and therefore know each other better than Messi and Alba. The team mates always made sure for example to play the ball into the feet of Jake instead of sending him for a run, which is of no benefit to the team.

But team France and also team UK later on showed why their countries are one of the most soccer fanatic countries. They both managed to score several goals and finished as the winner of several games.

All together the three teams played around 20 five minute games within two hours at Taxqueña Arena Culhuacanes. The winner is yet to be awarded since the jury is still counting the goals of the teams as all teams won exactly the same amount of games.

A big applause to Tom, Marcos, Hazael, Hector, Danny and of course Manni-Mourinho who participated in both games this weekend and showing a restless performance like everyone else on yesterday’s Cup of Nations!

* thanks to photographer Fabi for the ilustrations of the game

* since everyone chipped in an extra 10 pesos after the game we will have a new Team International ball of which we will take special care in order to no loose it like the other balls that we lost in the past matches


Team 1: UK

Jon (UK), Brook (UK), Jonny (UK), David (UK), Danilo (BRA), Cesar (MX), Elias (MX), Tom (CA)

Team 2: France

Victor (FR), Hakim (FR), Marcos (MX), Pavel (BEL), Santiago (COL), Fer (MX), Paul Baron (FR)

Team 3: Jakeventus

Pablo (FR), Hazael (MX), Hector (SV), Danny (US), Jake (ENG), Manni (IN), Edgar (US)




Many new faces at Taxqueña Arena

written by Jakeventus Captain Jake Wardell

5 new players from Brazil, France, US and Mexico joined yesterday’s Sunday Soccer games at Taxqueña Soccer Arena. Due to their advanced skills, all players integrated themselves quickly into the international group.

With star players like Kim, Manni, Pablo, Wen, Hazael, Banano all out due to commitments to drinking and partying elsewhere, it was down to the new recruits to overcome the titans in red and black.

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Fut11: Rest of the World vs Mexico

Rest of the World overruns Mexico in first Half

This past Saturday another 11-a-side casual soccer game took place at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. The group consisting of 26 players was divided into a Mexican team and an international team with players from France (6), Canada (2), India (1), Germany (1), Venezuela (1) and England (1). We were happy to welcome 5 new players to our casual soccer games. Terence, William, Santiago and Matthieu did a fantastic job for team Rest of the World. Alejandro was a key contributor in the defense of the Mexican team.

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