„El Clásico“ without a winner

„El Clásico“ without a winner in 9th encounter

El Clásico – Mexicans vs Internationals. That is the mother of all games in Mexico City. Since the first game between an international and a Mexican 11 a side team on July 22nd of 2018, there have been 8 games between both teams. While the first game was won 2:1 by the at that time called Mexican All Star team, it is the internationals that hold more victories. They were able to win 4 times, while the Mexicans were able to win 3 times, with one 1:1 draw (see the table of all games below). The international team emerged from a team called Jakeventus, captained by English striker Jake. Now, “El Clásico” will remain between team “Internacionalitos” of players from all over the World and team “Mexicanos”.

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