Team France wins 2:0 over Mannichester FC

Team France too organized for Mannichester

The second encounter between the international team of Mannichester FC and Team France was won by the Europeans. They managed to win the return game after having lost 1:0 in the first encounter, with midfielder Danny scoring the “golden goal”.

Mannichester FC

Carlos (gk) (MX)

Manni (c) (IN) – Kim (GER) – Wen (MX) – Andre (BRA)

Raymond (VEN) – Emil (VEN) – Deyban (VEN) – Carlos (MX)

Elias (MX) – Javier (MX)

Theo L. – Pierre 

Matthieu – Selim – Pablo (c) – Alex

Ben – Will – Nabil – Max


Subs: Greg & Theo


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Venezuelan subs make the difference

Both goals of the game created by Venezuelan subs Emil and Raymond

The 11thgame between team Mexicanos and team Internacionalitos had no looser. Both teams tried hard to improve their statistics in the 11thencounter of El Clásico. The Mexicans received support from Niko, Fumi and Raymond from Argentina, Japan and Venezuela. Newcomer Gunther played for the first time for the Mexicans, occupying the striker position next to Ricardo. Internacionalitos had 4 players from France and Venezuela each, complemented by Mike, Manni and Edward form the US, India and Kenya. Due to having an overload of offensive players, captain Manny decided to go for an attacking 3-4-3 system. Mexicans relied on their 4-4-2, with captain Wen taking the “sweeper” position:


Subs: Raymond (VEN), Hazael

Carlos (gk)

Wen (c)

Alejandro – Niko (ARG) – Angel

Alberto – Fumi (JAP) – Maye – Mauricio

Gunther – Ricardo

Greg (FR) – Edward (KEN) – Ferro (VEN)

Chris (VEN) – Pablo (FR) – Jon (ENG) – Max (FR)

Bruno (VEN) – Nabil (FR) – Manni (c) (IN)

Mike (gk) (US)

Subs: Emil (VEN)


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Team Venezuela – First Game, first Victory

First game between team Rest of the World against a Venezuelan selection coached by Frenchman Gregori Letort.

Several players of the Venezuelan team have already played at the 11 a side games for the Latin team, such as midfielder Emil, striker Ferro and defender Oscar. Gregori himself has participated in several games as well. For many of the Venezuelan players it was the first time in a long time playing a 11 a side game. Together they have not played 11 a side before. Team Rest of the World was more experienced but had several important players missing for the game. The newcomer Jan from Germany and Daniel from Argentina however fitted into the team without problems.

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Rest of the World beat Latinos in 4th encounter

Fourth game between Latinos and Rest of the World, first winner!

Mexico City, February 25th

This past Saturday the teams of players from Latin America and Rest of the world played for the fourth time, after having tied the games before. This time, one team was able to bring home the victory! 

Both teams welcomed two new players to their team. Angel from Mexico and Oscar from Venezuela joined the Latinos for the first time. Mathieu’s French friends Manu and Olivier also supported ROW for the first time. Bienvenidos campeones!

Team ROW had 4 players from France, 3 players from the US, and one player each from Japan, Portugal, Kenya and England. 

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1:1 2:2 3:3

1:1 2:2 3:3 – Third tie in the third game between Latinos & Rest of the World

What a great game the visitors at Benito Juarez Stadium saw this Saturday between Latinos and players from the rest of the world. 

In the third encounter between both teams it was clear that the teams wanted to show who the real and final winner is. The proud Latinos were not gonna give away the victory to the players from India, Germany, England, Japan, Portugal, USA, and France.

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Another rivalry started

First game between Latinos and players from the Rest of the World

Here we are back again with a very interesting clash, this time we played Latinos vs Rest of the World. The weekends are getting warmer each week and this adds to more charged people for the games.

Team Latinos started the game in a  4-4-2 formation, with captain Wen starting alongside Hector. José de Venezuela, Andre de Brazil y Hector de El Salvador were the three only non-mexican players for the Latinos. Team Rest of the World (ROW), with four players from the US!!!, and other players from Japan, France, Germany, India, Portugal and India, was back with their favorite 4-4-2 formation, with captain Manni lining up with Kim in defence. You usually don’t see defenders captaining the games but here at sport-12 you can be anything because here you are the star!!!

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Mexicans keep being invincible

Mexicans keep being invincible – 4th victory in the 5th game for the Mexicans

It was another attempt of the international Team captained by Indian defender Manni to win against the Mexican team on last Saturday’s 11-a-side game. With 3 french players (Pablo, Selim and Gregory) and 3 US players (Ryan, Mark and newcomer Jose), the international team relied on their 4-4-2 system. The Mexicans started in a similar system, switched successfully in the second half to a more offensive 3-5-2 system:

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High-Speed Soccer @ Taxqueña Arena

High-Speed Soccer @ Taxqueña Arena

Today Team International might have gathered the two best teams in the history of Taxqueña Arena games. With Mohammed the group got to know its first star player from Qatar. He just arrived to Mexico, so he is still struggling with the altitude. Something most of us can realte to.

Arturo and Kim picked the teams in the beginning. Soon it was clear that it would be a special day at Taxqueña Arena. Special, because female midfielder Majo returned after her injury about two months ago. She was managing the game from outside. Special also, because both teams had top class players that allowed a very fast game. Well, two games.

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Return of Amaury

Amaury returns with some of his Players

Sunday soccer at Taxqueña Arena. The place where soccer players meet up on Sundays to have fun playing soccer like Messi, Ronaldinho and Chicharito.

Yesterday’s game was special because Amaury and a small part of his group showed up after having had the first 11 a side game of Team International against them about half a year ago (see photo below). It seems like soon they will be ready to have a revenge game.

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Clash of Titans

Clash of Titans between the Captains of Jakeventus FC and Mannichester FC

On October 18th, Team International traveled to the north of Mexico City to play against another international team.

The players from France (Max & Pablo), England (Josh & Jake), Mexico (Alberto & Wen) India (Manni) and Germany (Kim) were ready to confront another team to get more competitive experience.

How serious the players take those competitive games can be shown by the effort put in by Wen. Living in Xochimilco he generally has it quite difficult to reach the games. For this game, he did not hesitate to take an Uber for 60 kilometers paying 700 pesos just for the Uber! That’s what we call commitment at Team International!

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