Saturday 12thof January: The Mexicans win 3:1 against Internacionalitos with goals of Beto and Javier (2). It was the last victory of the Mexicans in El Clásico against the Internacionalitos. Five months later, on yesterday’s Saturday 11-a-side game, the Mexicans reconquered the thrown again. They managed to turn a 0:1 initial defeat into a 2:1 victory!

Newcomers Guillermo from Mexico and Aymeric and Asa from France and the US helped out the Mexican and International team respectively. This week, the Mexican team almost consisted a 100% of Mexican players. Only Venezuelan midfielder Raymond complemented the Mexican team, in an impressive manner.


Sub: Manu

Mauricio (gk)

Alberto – Hazael – Wen (c) – Guillermo

Raymond – Ricardo – Bob – Angel

Elias – Christian


Aymeric (FR) – Matthieu (FR)

Chris (VEN) – Jonny (ENG) – Kim (GER) – Max (FR)

Bruno (VEN) – Jens (GER) – Manni (c) (IN) – Asa (US)

Iron-Mike (US)


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Internacionalitos finally break the record

Mexicanitos loose to Internacionalitos for the first time

So here we are with again an interesting encounter between Mexicans and internationals, the never ending rivalry. Team international always in the pressure to make up for lost games in 2018, and Mexicans always pushing up to keep their winning pride intact.

Last saturday was little bit warmer and an ideal condition to put in the best on the pitch. Both teams were punctual and met everybody with warm handshakes.

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Mexicans keep being invincible

Mexicans keep being invincible – 4th victory in the 5th game for the Mexicans

It was another attempt of the international Team captained by Indian defender Manni to win against the Mexican team on last Saturday’s 11-a-side game. With 3 french players (Pablo, Selim and Gregory) and 3 US players (Ryan, Mark and newcomer Jose), the international team relied on their 4-4-2 system. The Mexicans started in a similar system, switched successfully in the second half to a more offensive 3-5-2 system:

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Milagro Mexicano! The defence did not break!

With the new year 2019 the 11-a-side soccer games at Benito Juarez stadium started again. The international group plays competitive games against companies like Uber or KPMG and between themselves, dividing the teams based on their nationality.

Whenever Team International played against the Mexican team in 2018, the internationals had no luck in winning a single game. The Mexicans organized by captain Hazael always had a better team spirit than the “internacionalitos”. This is something that ought to be changed in 2019.

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Return of Amaury

Amaury returns with some of his Players

Sunday soccer at Taxqueña Arena. The place where soccer players meet up on Sundays to have fun playing soccer like Messi, Ronaldinho and Chicharito.

Yesterday’s game was special because Amaury and a small part of his group showed up after having had the first 11 a side game of Team International against them about half a year ago (see photo below). It seems like soon they will be ready to have a revenge game.

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Thursday Games in CDMX

Passion – Energy and Friendship at Thursday Games in CDMX

A lot of passion and energy could be felt at the Thursday game last week between the international crew of captain Carlos and Team International’s Mannichester FC. All players gathered together to have fun playing 1:30 hours in the north of Mexico City.

While Mannichester had a tremendous start of the day scoring 8:2 goals by strikers Edward and Joshua, Carlos’ crew came back strong into the game in the second part of the game.

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Goal Scorer Côme gets MVP

French Goal Scorer Côme gets MVP

Every Sunday it is game day in the south of México City!

Several people from all over the world meet up for 1-2 hours to have fun playing soccer in a social environment.

This past Sunday the following players from 10 different countries showed their skills at Taxqueña Arena:

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MVP goes do Brazil

MVP goes do Brazil

Fun, action and a lot of passion characterized the social soccer games at Taxqueña once more. At yesterday’s Fut7 games 19 soccer fanatics from England, Canada, El Salvador, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, United States and Colombia played for two hours in the burning sun.

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PwC wins against Mannichester

PwC wins return Game against Mannichester

It all looked like Mannichester would be again to strong for a selective team of PwC employees. After having lost the first game 18:7, PwC wanted to make sure they would leave the pitch of the return game as winners. But until half time the consultants were loosing 7:4 already. The possibility of having to loose again against the international team of newly created Mannichester were high.

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From Oktoberfest to MVP

From Oktoberfest to MVP

Three teams played at yesterday’s Sunday Casual Soccer Games at Taxqueña Arena. The first team was made out of pure British and North American players, or as Edward called it the British American Tobacco Team. The other two teams where mixed with people from every corner of the world. After having celebrated with Team International the Oktoberfest on Saturday night, one of our players still made the MVP award.

British American Tabacco Mixed Team A Mixed Team B
Joshua (ENG) Pavel (BEL) Cesar (MX)
Jake (ENG) Pablo (FR) Israel (MX)
Danny (US) Diego (MX) Danilo (BRA)
Edgar (US) Hazael (MX) Wen (MX)
Johnny (ENG) Marcello (BRA) Edward (KEN)
John (UK) Marcos (MX) Elias (MX)
Ben (AU) Carlos (Portero) (MX) Santi (COL)
Mario (MX) Hector (SV) Luis (MX)

Mixed Team A with new goal keeper

Mixed Team A was lucky to count on the only goal keeper of the day. Goal keeper Carlos came for the first time to the games and impressively showed that he has been goal keeping all his life. Team British American Tabacco had a slight advantage over the other teams when it came to communication. They quickly agreed to maintain all communication in English, instead of having a wild mix between English and Spanish as it is the case usually with the teams. Mixed Team B on the other side mainly consisted of the latecomers. While Alberto is still on his vacation trip in Belarus, his friend Luis came in representation for him occupying the left wing of Mixed Team B. The team consisted of mainly offensive players with Elias, Edward, Santi and Luis. For the defensive part Wen, Cesar and Danilo were in charge, with Israel maintaining the equilibrium between both extremes.

Team International @ Oktoberfest

With a very active referee the teams tried to win every game. The players did not hesitate long to go for the shot. Especially Mixed Team A had some successful games in a row with Pablo aka Moctezuma leading the team to several victories. With Team International he celebrated the Oktoberfest the night before dancing on the tables and drinking beer like there is no tomorrow. Except of there was a tomorrow, in which he showed an excellent performance. He was voted as the MVP of the day by the players after the game. Congratulations Pablo!

While the teams competed in the social games for two hours, our best female player Majo celebrated her … birthday. Due to the injury that she is still recovering from she could not celebrate her birthday with Manni and the rest of the team. Soon she will be back on the pitch though making look several guys like amateurs. We all wish you a happy birthday Majo!!!

MVP: Moctezuma

> This Wednesday Mannichester City will have the return game against PwC. The weekend games will be played as usual.

* thanks to photographer Fabi for the great illustrations as always