Return Game of Jakeventus vs Mexican All Stars

Return Game of Jakeventus vs Mexican All Stars

The time has come. On July 21st of this year a Mexican All Star team defeated Jakeventus 2:0 in a competitive 11 a side game. It was a painful loss that many players have not digested properly yet. Therefore, we are happy to announce that this Saturday will be the return game at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez at 3pm. Both teams have been recruiting some new players that are likely to push the teams to a higher level.

Team Jakeventus will play without team captain Jake due to personal circumstances, but with a highly European influenced team. Expect the unexpected!

Everyone is invited to come watch the game.

Alternatively, the Fut7 game on Sunday at Taxqueña Arena at the Fut6 game at “Cancha del Clam” in the north of the city will take place as usual. 

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