Return game: Latinos vs Rest of the World

Who will be the final winner?

The first game between a team of soccer players from Latin America and a team of soccer players from all over the world was a great success. The Mexican dominated Latinos (organised by captain Wen) relied on a Mourinho like defensive play, waiting for the “foreigners” to get into their half before attacking them. Team Rest of the World played all or nothing, as usual.

The end result was a conservative 1:1. Therefore, this Saturday (February 2nd) there will be the return game, in which the final winner hopefully can be declared! Final winner? Mmmh, it seems more like a new series of games between two rivalries just started, just as the one that is still in place between “Mexicanitos” and “Internacionalitos” (with Mexicanitos winning 5 out of 7 games).

You want to be part of the games? Check out if there is available spots for the games in the app and sign into the corresponding team! See you at the pitch!

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