Majo earns MVP on her Return

Majo earns MVP on her Return

Sunday Soccer at Polideportivo los Culhuacanes. In a casual 7-a-side game Team International defeated Equipo Rojo with 6:3.

Several players were not able to attend the game due to injuries. We hope Layún, Ben and Luis will recover soon. On the other side female midfielder Majo made here comeback! Majo was in good shape making herself available whenever possible and creating chance after chance for her team. Due to her intelligent playing style and Edgar’s finishing skills Team International won 6:3 in the first game.

In the second game the group split into two teams that were complemented by another goalkeeper and two players from the sport center (Sebas and David). The goalkeeper was a win for Team 2. He made several impressive safes. Team 1 however managed to score 5 goals with David and Sebas scoring one goal each, while Majo’s Team 2 scored three times (Alberto, Pablo & Hazael).

For her great effort on her comeback game Majo got voted MVP of the day. Congratulations Majo!

Game Stats

Lineup Team 1: Portero, Hector, Manni, Edgar, Ruben, Kim, David, Sebas

Lienup Team 2: Banano, Majo, Alberto, Hazael, Johnnie, Pablo, Marcos

Goals 1stGame: Edgar (4!), Kim, Manni

Goals 2ndGame: Hector, Manni, Edgar, David, Sebas, Alberto, Hazael, Pablo

MVP: Majo

  • * thanks to Fabi for the great pictures and for Hector for providing the water for everyone

Highlights of the Game

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