Latecomers take advantage of GK “Fantasma”

Fer with Hattrick in first Game

Day one after Jakeventus’ defeat against Mexican All Stars: In a quick warm up game Team International won 5:1 against FC PASEOS. The most active player at yesterday’s Sunday Soccer Day was Fer, who scored a hattrick. Jake and Kim scored the other two goals to make the 5:1 victory complete. For FC PASEOS playmaker Christian scored the goal.

Latecomers full of energy against Early Birds

In the second game Team International played a game for themselves. The teams were split into the team that played the first game and the team that came around 15 minutes late, lets call them the “latecomers” and “early birds”.

The latecomers entered fresh into the game. The first half belonged to them. It did not take them too long to score 5 goals, while the early birds only managed to score 2. While latecomers rotated their keeper, early birds temporarily signed a goalkeeper to not have to rotate. Goalkeeper “fantasma” did his best but it was not his day. The goals entered the goal fairly easy. Both teams went into half time with the 5:2.

Early Birds come back strong

After a quick water break, the teams switched the sites and a different game developed. Now the early birds recovered their game and started to push for the goals. It was a game with chances being created every minute. Both teams did not care too much about their defense. Early birds scored goal after goal turning the initial 5:2 defeat into a 7:6 victory at the end. The goal of the day was scored by Mexican Cesar when he nutmegged Kim in his own half, ran with the ball a few steps, passed the ball to a team mate but continued the run to finally score an impressive goal. Not only for that goal but also due to his calm playing style Cesar won the MVP award for the first time playing for Team International. Congratulations Cesar.

Game Stats

Early birds: Jake (ENG), Hector (SV), Kim (GER), Hazael (MX), Fer (MX), Portero (MX), Pablo (FRA)

Latecomers: Cesar, Wen, Angel, Arturo, Elias, Israel (all MX), Manni (IN)

Goals: Hazael (3), Fer (2), Manni (2), Pablo, Kim, Cesar, Elias, Arturo, Angel

MVP: Cesar

  • *Credits: Thanks to Fabi for the great pictures of the games and to Hector once again for providing the water for the whole team
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Highlights of the Game

— Team International vs FC PASEOS —

Team International vs FC PASEOS


— Latecomers vs Early Birds —

Team International: Latecomers & Early Birds



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