High-Speed Soccer @ Taxqueña Arena

High-Speed Soccer @ Taxqueña Arena

Today Team International might have gathered the two best teams in the history of Taxqueña Arena games. With Mohammed the group got to know its first star player from Qatar. He just arrived to Mexico, so he is still struggling with the altitude. Something most of us can realte to.

Arturo and Kim picked the teams in the beginning. Soon it was clear that it would be a special day at Taxqueña Arena. Special, because female midfielder Majo returned after her injury about two months ago. She was managing the game from outside. Special also, because both teams had top class players that allowed a very fast game. Well, two games.


These are the intial lineups that changed throughout the game all the time though:


Portero (MX)

Danilo (BRA) – Pablo (FR) – Jordi (MX)

Fernando (MX)/Arturo (MX)

Elias (MX) – Jonas (GER)

Matthieu (FR)

Danny (US) – Kim (GER) – Tom (CA)

Mohammed (QA) – Hector (SV)

Portero: Rubinski (MX)


Both Teams victorious!

Team Arturo won the first game 7:5. They signed a goalkeeper for the game, which gave them a slight advantage. But overall they dominated the game so that the victory was deserved.

Team Kim won the second game of two times 35 minutes with 13:11. Especially in the second half the team played very organized in a defensive Mourinho lineup. All players went back into their own half when the ball got lost. That made it extremely difficult for team Arturo with star players Pablo Moctezuma and Brazilian Danilo to get through the defensive lines.

MVPs: Arturo, Danilo & Kim

Special applause to Pablo, Danny, Wen and Kim who celebrated with Team International all night before showing up to the game with no signs of exhaustion. Manni-Mourinho’s birthday was celebrated together with the arrival of Team International’s first US and most fittest member Colin.

  • * thanks to star photograph Fabi for the amazing illustrations, including Pablo’s nut-meg




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