Duel of the titans: Mannichester vs France

The success of the new team of Mannichester FC got noticed in the soccer scene in Mexico City. The competitive team of players from Mexico, Kenya, France, India, Germany, Brazil, England and Venezuela remain unbeaten to the date. Therefore, Mannichester FC got challenged by a French selection, let by Pablo Moctezuma and Matthieu. There is no doubt that the French selection will come up with a supreme team, having chosen the 13 best players of the 20.000 French people that live in Mexico City.

The game will take place this saturday, April 13th. The teams agreed to play for the first time a full 11 a side match for 90 minutes. The pitch at Benito Juarez Stadium will be rented for 2 hours for such an important event. Both teams are already full, which means that this Saturday no one else can join the game. But this is a one time occasion. Starting with April 20th, everyone can join the 11 a side games again.

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