Clash of Titans

Clash of Titans between the Captains of Jakeventus FC and Mannichester FC

On October 18th, Team International traveled to the north of Mexico City to play against another international team.

The players from France (Max & Pablo), England (Josh & Jake), Mexico (Alberto & Wen) India (Manni) and Germany (Kim) were ready to confront another team to get more competitive experience.

How serious the players take those competitive games can be shown by the effort put in by Wen. Living in Xochimilco he generally has it quite difficult to reach the games. For this game, he did not hesitate to take an Uber for 60 kilometers paying 700 pesos just for the Uber! That’s what we call commitment at Team International!

This 6 a side game was a special event because players of the two elite teams within the community “Team International” played together: Jake’s Jakeventus and Manni’s Mannichester.The atmosphere within the group before the game was electric. No-one knew who would take the final lead over this mixed group.

Different Leadership Styles

When both captains shook hands to say hello to each other before the game, a certain rivalry was noticed by the players. Both captains have a different leadership style and interpret the game differently:

Jake has a more aggressive and direct leadership style: “There is no taking your foot off the gas”, so the captain of Jakeventus. Manni on the other hand has a more communicative leadership style, providing lots of support from the bench.

Finally the game started and the players showed their skills against the other team. British Jake took the initial lead and organized the line-up upfront.

Clash of Titans with positive Impact

The team played in a 3-2 or ocassionally 3-1-1 formation with Pablo, Josh and Jake being the offensive players, Alberto, Manni und Max being the “wingers” and Kim and Wen taking the central defender position.

The players of Team International were very organized and focused. The “Clash of Titans” seemed to have a positive effect on the players.

The team went with 1:0 behind but then Josh and Pablo scored two quick goals. After that, Jake switched his initial goal keeper position with Josh and took a offensive position. His first touch as the player landed right in the net. Surprisingly he scored with his left leg, which he usually only uses to balance his runs. With his second touch of the game he then even scored the 4:1.

Tremendous Performance of the Players

After a quick half time discussion the second half was not taken less serious on both sides. Many chances where created but the joint venture team was more lucky that day. Several goals were scored. British’ Josh scored 3 quick goals in the last minutes leaving no doubt who would leave the pitch as a winner that day.

As a result the team won 14:8! It was one of the highest victories in the history of team international! The joint venture between Jakeventus FC and Mannichester FC had nothing but a positive influence on the player’s performance.


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