Mexican All Stars victorious in Return Game

Mexican All Stars victorious in Return Game

Finally, the great game took place between the international team of Jakeventus FC and the Mexican All Star team of Captain Hazael.

Since the first game between the high profile teams that took place on July 21stof this year, both team players were anxious to play the return game.

This past Saturday, November 10ththe players of Jakeventus and Mexican All Stars entered the glorious pitch at Benito Juarez Stadium. Jakeventus played in black and Mexican All Stars in white.

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Clash of Titans

Clash of Titans between the Captains of Jakeventus FC and Mannichester FC

On October 18th, Team International traveled to the north of Mexico City to play against another international team.

The players from France (Max & Pablo), England (Josh & Jake), Mexico (Alberto & Wen) India (Manni) and Germany (Kim) were ready to confront another team to get more competitive experience.

How serious the players take those competitive games can be shown by the effort put in by Wen. Living in Xochimilco he generally has it quite difficult to reach the games. For this game, he did not hesitate to take an Uber for 60 kilometers paying 700 pesos just for the Uber! That’s what we call commitment at Team International!

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France too clever for Jakeventus

France too clever for Jakeventus

23 goals were scored at yesterday’s Sunday Soccer meet-up at Taxqueña Arena. Hakim’s group consisting of French teachers from the Instituto Franco-Mexicano showed up with 5 guys. Antoine and Ronan played for the first time at the Sunday soccer games and brought in some skills to the group.

The French team was complmented by Canadian Tom, Belgium Pavel and English Josh, who made his first appearance for Team International at Saturday’s 11 a side soccer game.

On the other side, team Jakeventus played with the veterans: Wen, Hector, Jake, Edgar and Hazael, complimented by Jonny from England and Santiago from Colombia. Here is the initial lineup of the game:

GK: Jonny (ENG)

Wen (MX) – Hector (SV)

Jake (ENG) – Edgar (US) – Hazael (MX)

Santiago (CO)


Hakim (FR)

Josh (ENG) – Ronan (FR)

Victor (FR) – Pavel BEL) – Paul (FR)

GK: Tom (CA)

Subs: Antoine (FR), Andrew (US), Fer (MX)

 Successful Implementation of Piramid System

The initial 3-2-1 piramid formation of team France seemed to be more effective than Jakeventus’ 2-3-1 formation. The slightly more motivated French team went with a sovereign 5:2 into half time. The defence of Jakeventus seemed to have some organizational problems in the beginning. After the half time break Jakeventus put in the effort that it takes to win a game. Newcomer Ronan was able to score the 6:2, but then Jakeventus got serious scoring two quick goals, 6:4. From that point on goals were scored on both sides every minute. After playing two times 40 minutes the teams finished exhausted due to the burning sun with an impressive 13:10 victory of team French. The defence of both teams seemed to be napping occasionally.

We are still missing our female player Majo at the games. She injured herself a few weeks ago and will have to recover 2 more months due to her severe incident. We wish her a quick recovery!

Score sheet: Team French vs Jakeventus

1stHalf 2nd Half
1:0 Hakim 6:2 Ronan
2:0 Hazael (EG) 6:3 Jake
2:1 Hector 6:4 Santi
3:1 Victor 7:4 Hakim
4:1 Hakim 8:4 Victor (golazo)
5:1 Josh 8:5 Jonny
5:2 Santi 8:6 Edgar
9:6 Antoine
  9:7 Jake (solo run)
10:7 Antoine
10:8 Edgar
10:9 Tom (EG)
11:9 Josh
12:9 Josh
12:10 Edgar
13:10 Josh


* thanks to Fabi for the illustrations of the game



Big Comeback of Jakeventus in 2nd Half

Big Comeback of Jakeventus in 2nd Half

On the Independence Day of México Jakeventus FC played a competitive game against the Mexican Team Karlsruher SC. The several visitors of the game saw two completely different halfs. The Mexican team played in a 3-5-1-1 formation while Jakeventus played in a 4-3-3 formation:


Carlos – Alejandro – Eduardo

Arturo – Mike – André – Rubén – José




Jonny – Edward – Hazael


Kim – Pablo

César – Héctor – Andrew – Manni


Karlsruher SC the better Team despite having only 10 Players

Karlsruher SC could not complete their team in the first half. While Ruben helped out the team they were still one man short in the first half. That provided some extra motivation for the team. The Mexicans were the more efficient team in the first half winning the decisive duels in the midfield and played without any mistakes in the defence. Consequently, the first goal of the day was scored by Karlsruher striker Aldo, who finished a superb pass from his teammate about 15 minutes into the game. Keeper Banano was left without a chance to stop the ball. Jakventus did not find a way in the first half to cope with the dense midfield of Karlsruher SC despite having one player more.

Jakeventus scores 5 goals in the second Half

This should change in the second half. Jakeventus made a small but crucial change in their lineup. French international Pierre came into the game. It took him about 8 minutes before scoring the first goal for Jakeventus. This was a massive mental booster for the whole team. Everyone from now on played with more confidence. 5 minutes after the equalizer Pierre made a run on the right side passing the ball in the right moment into the back of the defence of Karlsruher SC. Midfielder Jake had no problem to stop the ball and to circle it into the right upper corner of the goal in a way usually only Henry knew how to do it. But that was not enough yet. Jakeventus was still hungry for more goals. Pierre scored the 3:1 a bit after and Kim showed why they call him Diego in Germany increasing the score to 4:1 with a solo run. This is how the goal looked like more or less:

Despite getting 4 quick goals in the second half Karlsruher SC never gave up. Team captain Fernando received the ball in the box 10 minutes before the final whistle and took a precise shot into the left corner of the goal, 4:2. After a long ball from keeper Banano Pierre marked the final goal of the game with a magnificent finish once again.

At the end it was another successful competitive 11-a-side game for Jakeventus against a very fair Karlsruher SC team. The revenge game will not wait for too long!

* thanks to Fabi for the illustrations of the games, even capturing the goals!




Cup of Nations at Taxqueña Arena

Cup of Nations at Taxqueña Arena

At yesterday’s Sunday Casual Soccer Games at Taxqueña Arena 23 players from 11 nations in 3 teams played the Cup of Nations: Team1: UK, Team2: France, Team3: Jakeventus.

Jakeventus had a good start winning a few games in a row in the beginning. The veterans had a slight advantage since they play together for several months already and therefore know each other better than Messi and Alba. The team mates always made sure for example to play the ball into the feet of Jake instead of sending him for a run, which is of no benefit to the team.

But team France and also team UK later on showed why their countries are one of the most soccer fanatic countries. They both managed to score several goals and finished as the winner of several games.

All together the three teams played around 20 five minute games within two hours at Taxqueña Arena Culhuacanes. The winner is yet to be awarded since the jury is still counting the goals of the teams as all teams won exactly the same amount of games.

A big applause to Tom, Marcos, Hazael, Hector, Danny and of course Manni-Mourinho who participated in both games this weekend and showing a restless performance like everyone else on yesterday’s Cup of Nations!

* thanks to photographer Fabi for the ilustrations of the game

* since everyone chipped in an extra 10 pesos after the game we will have a new Team International ball of which we will take special care in order to no loose it like the other balls that we lost in the past matches


Team 1: UK

Jon (UK), Brook (UK), Jonny (UK), David (UK), Danilo (BRA), Cesar (MX), Elias (MX), Tom (CA)

Team 2: France

Victor (FR), Hakim (FR), Marcos (MX), Pavel (BEL), Santiago (COL), Fer (MX), Paul Baron (FR)

Team 3: Jakeventus

Pablo (FR), Hazael (MX), Hector (SV), Danny (US), Jake (ENG), Manni (IN), Edgar (US)




Game of 10 Nations

Game of 11 Nations

6 new players, 2 goals of the category “goal of the year” and 11 nationalities. These are the stats of this past Saturday’s 11-a-side casual soccer game. A game was played between a mainly French influenced team against a mainly Jakeventus influenced team.

Hakim and his French boys Paul, Victor and Antoine were complemented by French midfielder Will, Canadian goalkeeper Troy, Belgium allrounder Pavel, US defender Andrew, Brazilian midfielder Danilo and Mexican allrounders Erick and his friend Nicho.

Jakeventus played in a highly flexible 4-2-2 formation with Manni (IN), Tom (CA), Hector (SV) and Kim (GER) building the defensive block, Manuel (MX), Pablo (FRA), Ruben (MX) and Jake (ENG) occupying the midfield and Selim (FRA) and Santiago (COL) being responsible for the offensive actions.


Troy (CA)

Antoine (FR) – Pavel (BEL) – Nicho (MX) – Andrew (US)

Danilo (BRA) – Will (FR)

Victor (FR) – Paul Baron (FR) – Erick (MX)

Hakim (FR)

Santiago (COL)

Selim (FR)

Manuel (MX) – Pablo (FR) – Ruben (MX) – Jake (ENG)

Kim (GER) – Hector (SV) – Tom (CA) – Manni (IN)

Portero (MX)

Early Problems organising the Teams on both Sides

Especially the French influenced team was put together with players that never played before. That made the organisation of the team quite challenging. But also Jakeventus had trouble organizing especially their midfield. Positions were interpreted quite freely. Jake switched sites every minute, not only confusing the opponent but also his own teammates. Ruben and Pablo tried to organize the midfield but also found themselves in different parts of the pitch, while Manuel and Selim filled in the open spots in the central midfield once in a while leaving their positions open. This let to an amusing but not very fruitful first half. Both teams went with cero goals into half time.

For the second half both teams organized themselves better. Danilo and Will took charge of holding the central positions in the midfield of team France, while Victor and Erick were supposed to make runs on the wings. A strategy that seemed to work out quite good.

Erick and Ruben score “Goal of the Year” in the second Half

However, the first goal of the game was scored by Colombian newcomer Santiago. The left footer took advantage of some confusion of the French team when he shot the ball into the goal from the left side of the pitch. From that moment on both teams were more decisive in their actions. Team France was pressuring for the goal with success. One of the attacks luckily ended in the 1:1. All offensive players were positioned in Jakeventus’ box. Indian defender Manni tried to clear the ball but the fearless action of French winger Victor resulted in a goal. Victor blocked Manni’s shot, which directly found its way into the goal.

After that it was time for returning Mexican winger Erick who just spent a few amazing weeks traveling through  Spain visiting monuments like the Alhambra in Granada. He dribbled his way through the left wing and took a shot before the box á la Henry. He circled the ball into the upper right corner of the goal. Goalkeeper “portero” was left without any chance. Potentially the goal of the year. Potentially. But salsa dancer Ruben-Rubinski also proved that watching amateur soccer games every Sunday at Taxqueña Arena improves your skills. Right after the kick-off he took a shot from his own half. Canadian keeper Troy was not prepared for such a crazy shot and was helpless saving the ball. Another goal of the year!

At the end team France and Jakeventus finished with a deserved 2:2 draw.

Next week 22 guys from different nationalities will have another opportunity to compete in a friendly 11-a-side casual soccer game at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez.



French Players get subbed by UK Players

French Players get subbed by UK Players

We had an interested change in the lineup of our teams at yesterday’s Sunday Soccer Games. Instead of having several French players as usual, we were happy to welcome several new guys from the UK and Canada. Jon, David, Brook, and Jonny from the UK joined us as well as Corey from Canada, complementing the Canadian block of Troy-Tom-Rob. Alberto’s friend Luis was our new Mexican signing of the game.

Established player Jake gathered his UK team together while the rest played in the other team. Two games were played. The new English guys brought lots of strength into the game. Especially the first game had lots of power. The UK guys were loosing 6:2 but managed to make a come back scoring 4 more goals. Kenyan Edward scored the last two goals. The last one being assisted brilliantly by Jake who decided to go for a solo run and providing the assist for Edward at the end. The final result: 6:6!


1:0 – Jonny

2:0 – Kim

3:0 – Jonny

4:0 – Alberto

4:1 – Tom

4:2 – Tom

5:2 – Alberto

6:2 – David

6:3 – Tom

6:4 – Jon

6:5 – Edward

6:6 – Edward (solo run and assist of Jake)

Jakeventus unstoppable in 2nd Game

In the second game the teams stayed the same. In 40 more minutes Jake’s UK-Jakeventus Team scored one goal after the other. They were also able to count on the only goal keeper Troy who had some great saves. The rotating goal keepers of the opponent team did not posses those skills. At the end pretty much every player of Jakeventus scored. The final result was a shocking 10:3 defeat.


Jakeventus: Jake, Jon, Brook, Corey, Troy, Edward, Tom

Opponent: Hector, Majo, Jonny, Danny, Alberto, Luis, Kim, David

* thanks to photographer Fabi for the illustrations of the game

* for next game we will start to organize someone to bring the water for everyone again




Barcelona Star Alex scores winning Goal in Overtime

Barcelona Star Alex scores winning Goal in Overtime

This past Saturday the international team of Jakeventus played a 11 a side friendly game against a slightly different version of the Mexican All Star team that defeated Jakeventus a couple of weeks ago 2:1.

Under best weather conditions both teams tried to score an early goal. Jakeventus played in a 4-3-3 formation with Kenyan Strikers Bhupi and Edward being complemented by star striker Pierre. For the new version of the Mexican All Star team it was a bit more difficult to organize their game and get to know each other since they have never played in this constellation before. But Oscar and David organized the game well in the midfield and striker Elias always finds a way to cause trouble in the opponent’s defence:


Jake (ENG)

Manni (IN) – Hector (SV) – Pablo (FR) – Will (FR)

Edgar (US) – Kim (GER) – Alex (ESP)

Pierre (FR) – Edward (KEN) – Bhupi (KEN)

Subs: Mathieu

Mexican All Stars


Marcos – Arturo – Defensor Nuevo – Hazael

Ruben – Oster – David – Achille (FR)

Delantero Nuevo – Elias

French-Kenyan connection scores two Goals

After around 20 minutes Jakeventus managed to score the first goal when Pierre made his way up on the right wing all the way. He passed the ball in the right moment into the box. Edward was where he had to be as a central striker and had no problems entering the ball into the net, 1:0! After the goal Mexican All Stars put in more effort to score the equalizer, but it was once again the deadly effective French-Kenyan combination between Pierre and Edward that led to another goal, 2:0 Jakeventus!

Mexican All Stars come back strong!

After the half time break it was Mexican All Stars who pressured to score a goal. Jakeventus was able to “survive” the first attacks of the Mexican team and managed to get back into the game. However, towards the end of the game the team of keeper Banano showed themselves very decisive in wanting to score a goal. One of the many counter-attacks ended in a goal scored by Arturo, 2:1!

It was the same Mexican midfielder who also took charge of scoring the equalizer when he dribbled his way through the defence on the right wing and passing into the box, where El Salvadorian defender Hector stood at the right place to score an (own!) goal in the 88thminute, 2:2!

Cool Finish of Barcelona Star Alex in the last Minute

The players of the teams already thought that would be the end result, but Alex from Spain had a different opinion. In overtime Manni intercepted a ball in front of the opponent’s box. He chipped the ball into the danger area where the defence was not able to clear the ball away. Alex took advantage of the confusion that occurred right before the referee was about to blow the whistle. Alex took the ball, ran a few steps with the ball towards the goalie and shot the ball elegantly into the goal of Mexican All Stars, 3:2!

Jakeventus finished the final test before having the return game against the real Mexican All Star team in the next weeks. After the game the players voted for Pierre as the MVP of the game on the new Sport12 app. As usual Pierre dominated the right wing like Nedved in his best times.

Game Stats

Goals: Edward (1:0), Edward (2:0), David (2:1), Hector (OG; 2:2), Alex (3:2)

MVP: Pierre (as voted on the Sport12 app)

* thanks to photographer Fabi for the amazing illustrations of the game

Highlights of the Game


Mexican All Stars win over Jakeventus

Team International present in both Teams

Great game between Mexican All Stars and Jakeventus at Saturday’s 11-a-side soccer game at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. The Mexican Team captained by Hazael, are friends that know each other from colleague and where happy to reunite for a competitive game against Jakeventus. The international team from Jakeventus incorporated 5 new players into their 11-a-side squat: Evan, Alberto, Fer, Oster & Selim. The Mexican All Stars had 8 players that are also part of Team International: Banano, Layún aka Wen, Hazael (Mamey/Mamado), Cesar, Arturo, Elias, Rorro and Luis. The game started punctually at 6pm and was played under best weather conditions. The sun was shining throughout the whole game. Fotographer Fabi took advantage of that by coming up with amazing pictures of the game (see below).

Mexican All Stars


Pablo – Layún – Piojo – Orly

Rorro – Dani – Mamey (C)  – Luis

Negro – Elias

(Subs: Arturo & Cesar)


Evan (CA)

Manni (IN) – Hector (SV) – Kim (GER) – Alberto (MEX)

Fer (MEX) – Oster (MEX) – Pablo (FRA) – Bhupi (KEN)

Jake (C) (ENG) – Selim (FRA)  

(Subs: Ruben-Rubinski (MEX) & Israel (MEX))


Mexican All Stars smarter in the first Half

From the beginning it was clear that it would be a difficult game for both teams. Team Jakeventus was confident to win this game after having won the game before against the prestigious team from Uber. The Mexican All Stars also knew that they had a strong team that knows how to pass the ball around.

While both teams started a bit nervous, Mexican All Stars step by step started to control the game. Jakeventus’ game was too one sided, always trying to use the right wing and therefore leaving the left wing with Kenyan offensive player Bhupi unnoticed. Keeper Evan tried to organize the team from behind but the Mexicans made it very difficult to strike forward. Something they managed to do around 20 minutes into the game. One of the many attacks from their strong right side was successful when right back Pablo headed a center into the goal, 1:0!

Instead of focusing on the defense the Mexican All Stars continued to push forward and succeded to score another goal when Pablo made a run on the right side, passing the ball into the middle to team mate Hazael who took a strong shot to put the ball into the net, 2:0! Keeper Evan had no chance to save it.

Jakeventus comes out strong

After a heated discussion during half time Jakeventus entered the field to start the second half more determined. Several things where discussed that did not work out well in the first half. The team decided to focus on playing simple passes to each other and support each other. The distances from one player to the other where to big in the first half. Striker Selim changed position with midfielder Oster, and Ruben and Israel came in for Alberto and Fer to bring in some more energy.

Now Jakeventus managed to create some chances once in a while. But Mexican All Stars also continued to be dangerous in their counter attacks. There could have been several goals on both sides. The man who managed to score was captain Jake, when he got a generous offer from the defence of the team passing the ball unexpectedly into his feat. Jake knew exactly what he had to do. Goalkeeper Banano came out to try to stop the British man but Jake ran around Banano and finished the ball from around 20 meters into the empty goal. After that Jakeventus got some more hope to at least tie the game but there was not enough time left. The Mexican All Stars played it very clever, passing the ball around using the whole width of the pitch so that Jakeventus had a hard time conquering the ball. At the end it was a deserved victory for the Mexican All Stars in a competitive but always fair game. The revenge game will take place in about 2 to 3 weeks at the same sport center.

Game Stats

Mexican All Stars – Jakeventus: 2:1

Goals: Pablo (1:0), Hazael (2:0), Jake (2:1)

MVP: Pablo & Kim

Highlights of the Game




Double MVP @ Jakeventus vs Rest of Team International

Jakeventus vs Rest of Team International

One day before the world cup final 22 soccer players from 8 different countries played a competitive but always fair 11-a-side soccer game at the newly renovated blue soccer pitch at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. With our newcomers from Mexico, France and País Basco; Manuel, Tanguy and Aitor, we welcomed three new talented players to our Team International. All new players played in the team “Rest of Team International” against Jakeventus, captained by Manni and Jake.

Before the game Manni gathered his team together to give a motivational speech to everyone motivating each and every one of his players. Both teams played in a 4-4-2 system with the following lineups:


Banano (Mex)
Max (FRA) – Manpreet (IN) – Andrew (US) – Rubén (Mex)
Pablo (Mex) – Pablo (FRA) – Unai (ESP) – Bhupi (KEN)
Alberto (Mex) – Jake (ENG)

Rest of Team International:

Clayton (US)
Manuel (Mex) – Wen (Mex) – Kim (GER) – Tanguy (FRA)
Tomas (FRA) – Edgar (US) – Alex (ESP) – Aitor (ESP)
Héctor (Mex) – Diego (Mex)

Moctezuma scores the first Goal

As both teams never had played in that constellation before, the main purpose of the first minutes was to get structure into the game. Similar to the world cup final the ball went quickly from one side to the other. Jakeventus had slightly more possession of the ball, which they used 20 minutes into the game when Pablo aka Moctezuma scored the first goal of the day.
After the goal the opponents changed their lineup slightly when Alex pushed more up to create more danger. That was a smart move. Towards the end of the first half newcomer Manuel played a long ball to Alex, who elegantly stopped the ball with his strong left foot and didn’t hesitate long to take the shot form outside the box: 1:1!

Jakeventus takes over control – Alex strikes back

Similar picture in the second half. The teams now played a better soccer with Jakeventus constantly pressuring, leaving team Rest of Team International only opportunities for some counter attacks. Center midfielder Pablo and Unai controlled the game a bit more, always making use of their wingers Pepa and Bhupi to create danger. One of these strikes ended up in a goal with Pablo again firing the ball into the net. But Rest of Team International also had their star player. Not long after the 2:1 spanish genius Alex took advantage of some confusion in the defense of Jakeventus and marked the 2:2, leaving goalkeeper Banano with no chance.

That was the final result in the second 11-a-side game of Team International at Centro Deportivo Benito Juarez. Next week Jakeventus, a selection of Team International, will face a Mexican all Star team captained by Hazael.

Due to there outstanding performance for their respective team Pablo and Alex got awarded as the MVP of the game. Congratulations!!!

Game Stats

Goals: Pablo (1:0), Alex (1:1), Pablo (2:1), Alex (2:2)

MVPs: Pablo and Alex

* many thanks to Luis who got injured just a few minutes into the game but therefore took charge of taking the pictures of the game

Highlights of the Game