Saturday 12thof January: The Mexicans win 3:1 against Internacionalitos with goals of Beto and Javier (2). It was the last victory of the Mexicans in El Clásico against the Internacionalitos. Five months later, on yesterday’s Saturday 11-a-side game, the Mexicans reconquered the thrown again. They managed to turn a 0:1 initial defeat into a 2:1 victory!

Newcomers Guillermo from Mexico and Aymeric and Asa from France and the US helped out the Mexican and International team respectively. This week, the Mexican team almost consisted a 100% of Mexican players. Only Venezuelan midfielder Raymond complemented the Mexican team, in an impressive manner.


Sub: Manu

Mauricio (gk)

Alberto – Hazael – Wen (c) – Guillermo

Raymond – Ricardo – Bob – Angel

Elias – Christian


Aymeric (FR) – Matthieu (FR)

Chris (VEN) – Jonny (ENG) – Kim (GER) – Max (FR)

Bruno (VEN) – Jens (GER) – Manni (c) (IN) – Asa (US)

Iron-Mike (US)


1st half – Internacionalitos have everything under control

Captain Manni wanted a quick goal and his team delivered. In one of the early attacks of the internationals, Frenchman Max made an excellent cross into the box. No-one of the Mexican defenders was able to stop it. Newcomer Aymeric positioned himself correctly near the second post. He had no problems pushing the ball into the net. It was also a result of some miscommunication between Hazael and the goalkeeper.

Afterwards the internationals kept on pressing. The Mexicans were still in the organizing phase. Positions seemed not to be clear. Team Internacionalitos took advantage of it and created several promising chances. Aymeric for example got a ball, which he directly forwarded to his French companion Matthieu. It was a brilliant pass that the Mexican defense didn’t expect. Striker Matthieu was left alone in front of the Mexican goalkeeper. Usually Matthieu executes those chances without any problem. But this time he underestimated the pass a little bit and all of the sudden the goalkeeper stood in front of him. Matthieu didn’t manage to get a controlled touch on the ball. Chance dismissed!

German defender Kim had another good chance, when he was assisted by always active right wing Max. The German took a free shot inside the box from a sharp angle but horribly missed the goal, to the happiness of the Mexicans. Both teams went with the 1:0 into the half time break.

2nd half – Mexicans transform – Internacionalitos have nothing under control

As we have seen it in several games before of El Clásico, the picture changed completely in the second half. The Mexicans, supported by Venezuelan star midfielder Raymond, transformed completely. Their organization, positioning and passing was excellent all of the sudden. The internationals were confused and overwhelmed with this drastic change.

Even though the Internationals still got their chances with midfielder Kim being completely free in front of the goalkeeper but pounding the ball above the goal bar, or French Max getting a shot in the box, the game was now in favor of the Mexicans.

The difference: Elias and Raymond up front, Hazael and Wen in the back

Manuel Lozano came in to put more pressure on the international’s defense. Striker Elias and midfielder Raymond started to combine very well as well. That all created a lot of pressure. It was not lucky that Raymond scored the equalizer after an excellent combination with Elias. The midfielder passed the ball to the Mexican and ran into the box from the center. He directly received the ball again. Defenders Bruno and Jens looked like old socks trying to defend against it. At the end, Raymond stood by himself in front of goalkeeper might-Mike. The Venezuelan hammered the ball into the net, not leaving any chance for US goalkeeper Mike to block the ball.

The Internationals tried to get back to their own game but it was too late. The Mexicans were very organized from now on and combined intuitively and efficient in the front rows. The defense with Hazael and Wen in the center was rock solid as well.

Manuel Lozano brings home first victory in 5 months for the Mexicans

As a result, substitute Manuel scored the leading goal for the Mexicans. Goalkeeper Mauricio hit a long strike towards his striker. Central defender Jens was the last man. He tried to head the ball away but underestimated it. The ball passed the German. Something Manuel was speculating for. He made the run and reached the ball before Iron-Mike could get to it. As his cousin el Chucky could not have done it better, he placed the ball into the lower right corner of the goal. Iron-Mike was left without any chance.

Manuel Lozano with the winning goal

That was it. It was the 4thvictory in the 13th encounter for the Mexicans in El Clásico. The high rate of Mexicans in the Mexican team seemed to have a positive influence. They are improving their statistics against the Internationals, that are still 2 victories ahead. Both teams also tied 3 times in the history of El Clásico.

Game Stats

Mexicanos – Internacionalitos 2:1

Goals: Aymeric (0:1), Raymond (1:1), Manuel Lozano (2:1)


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