Return game Rest of the World vs Mannichester

High speed soccer at Benito Juarez Stadium

Several changes were made on both sides compared to the first game between both teams one week ago. Wen, Hazael, Ruben, Jon and Edward replaced Hector, Arturo, Danny, Greg and Raymond for Mannichester. The French connection Nico, Matthieu, Seb and Pablo replaced Mauricio, Jorge, Manuel and Angel’s friend for Rest of the World. On paper, Rest of the World improved their squad tremendously. Mannichester had to feel that in the first half:


Subs: Kim (GER)

Carlos (MX)

Manni (IN) (c) – Danilo (BRA) – Wen (MX) – Hazael (MX)

Max (FR) – Deyban (VEN) – Jon (ENG) – Ryan (US)

Ruben (MX) – Edward (KEN)


Ferro (VEN) – Javier (MX)

Matthieu (FR) – Nico (FR) – Seb (FR) – Fumi (JAP)

Alejandro (MX) – Pablo (FR) (c) – Andre (BRA) – Angel (MX)

Mike (US)

Subs: TomoGol (JAP)

Rest of the World


First half – French connection controls the game

The new French midfield with Matthieu, Nico and newcomer Seb, together with Japan allstar Fumi caused a lot of trouble for Mannichester in the first half. Attack after attack was executed to bring the ball into the net. But the defense of Mannichester around captain Manni and defensive organizers Wen and Danilo stayed strong. They managed to withstand the first 20 minutes, but then, in a counter attack through the left side, newcomer Seb got the ball in the box and scored it directly, 1:0. Mannichester with Ruben-Rubinski and Edward playing up front, was not able to create their own opportunities, which would have helped the defense to take a breath once in a while. Rest of the World team captain Pablo Moctezuma had to drop down to the central defender position due to the abundant talents in the midfield of Rest of the World. He made sure his friend Edward would remain without any balls. 

Second half – Mannichester shows its full potential

During half time team Mannichester gathered together to discuss how to compete against this strong version of team Rest of the World. It was decided that more importance had to be put on the own offense to help the defense not getting under pressure that much and to be able to also create own opportunities. This was executed brilliantly. A complete different picture was seen not only by midfielder Emil, who watched the game of his team from the sideline, as he is still injured. Mannichester pressed forward whenever possible. Rest of the World seemed not to expect such a drastic change in the game. They still focused on their offense, leaving their defense vulnerable. Mannichester’s defense was able to organize themselves better. Quickly, the first goal was scored by Kenyan striker Edward, who always showed himself available to get a pass from the midfielders. German midfielder Kim was left unmarked. The international passed directly into the run of Edward, who did not hesitate long to take a shot. His shot landed in the lower left corner of the goal, leaving US keeper IronMike without any chance. Now, Edward was into the game. A bit after he received a long ball from Ryan. The Kenyan talent again made himself free in the box and similar to the first goal sneakily shot the ball into the long corner of the goal, 1:2. After the game keeper Mike mentioned that he could have saved the goal but he expected the ball to go towards the other side.

Both teams with full offensive power

From then on, Rest of the World accepted the fight. Striker Javier always made himself available on the right attacking side. The game became very competitive and balanced. Rest of the World was not the lucky team this day. US winger Ryan, who was always active on his side (the same accounts for French Max on the other side), went for a shot/cross when he got the ball right outside the box on his side. Keeper Mike was defeated and Kim had no problem to head the ball into the goal. It might have entered anyways, but the German took no chance to not let this attack enter in a goal, 1:3.

In one of the last attacks of Rest of the World, newcomber Seb got the ball before the box, he directly passed it to striker Javier. Seb’s pass was questionable, as many people saw a handball from the Frenchman. The referee decided otherwise. Javier didn’t care how he got the ball. He did what he had to do and shot the ball into the goal. Goalkeeper Carlos had no chance to defend that shot, 2:3.

Rest of the Word – Mannichester 3:2

Goals: Seb (1:0), Edward (1:1), Edward (1:2), Kim (1:3), Javier (2:3)

It was a high class game with Mannichester being the lucky winner in the second encounter between Mannichester FC and Rest of the World. Next week the game of the year will take place. In a game of 90 minutes a French selection will try to defeat the unbeaten team of Mannichester!

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