About Sport12

Sport12 is a social sports community that shares the passion of amateur sports! The aim is to promote the non professional part of sports like soccer, tennis and the trendy sport padel by providing access to games of such sport types. With the Sport12 app sport enthusiasts can easily find and join amateur sport games in their city. The app provides a certain level of comfort and flexibility by accessing and playing sports whenever desired.

Sport games can be joined on the Sport12 app in 2 easy steps. 

An important aspect of the company’s vision is the shift in focus from professional sports to amateur sports. Illustrations from the games that show the players in action are exhibited on platforms that can be seen by everyone. Those pictures and videos are accompanied by game specific information depicting lineups, goal scorers and team strategies amongst other things.

Why Sport”12″?

Soccer is the most famous sport type in the world. According to official numbers from FIFA, 4% of the worlds population actively play soccer (304 million people in 2018). The numbers of not registered players are much higher. In countries like Germany around 20% of the population plays soccer.

The tremendous impact of Fans

While lots of media attention is being paid to professional soccer games all over the world, amateur sports are left out of the focus. It is the amateur players and the fan in general however that make this sport such as an important phenomenon. The fans of their clubs live soccer like no-one else and support their team with great passion. 
This is where the number 12 comes in. In soccer, the number twelve has a representative value. It is said that home teams that are backed with a full stadium of their most passionate fans imaginably play with 12 players because the support from the fans has the same impact as if the team would be playing with 12 instead of 11 players. A good example are the world cups that are played every four years. Due to the support of their fans, nations like South Corea or Russia were able to to reach the semi finals (South Corea) or win against teams like Spain (Russia), something nearly impossible under normal circumstances.

The Fan is the number 12

The most passionate fans are people that play soccer in their spare time wherever possible: In the street, on public playgrounds, at the beach or at sport centers. Any possibility is used to play the sport we love and that integrates people like nothing else. It is exactly the amateur player, the number 12, who is the focus of the social sports community of Sport12. Amateur players have it easier to get access to games that they can play on a competitive level or in a rather social way. Sport12 steps in right here by providing this access through a platform connecting people and sport center as well as exhibiting those game results with facts and illustrations.

With Sport12 you are the star!